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10 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

The ever-increasing trend to make money without a job cannot be ignored. I am happy to say that we have managed to achieve this goal. In this article, I will share ten ways to make money without a job. And then, in conclusion, I will give you insight as to how Celeste and I managed to do this. Perhaps one of these ten methods will work for you. Or maybe you will want to take a leaf out of our playbook. I suggest that you bookmark this page. You’ll want to periodically check your progress as you develop your own methods to make money without a job. And please feel free to share your ideas down in the comments.

Write and publish a Kindle eBook

The fact that you are an internet user looking for ways to make money, means that you can conduct research. Have you started a blog yet? If so you are also familiar with writing. Amazon has made it possible for just about anyone to publish an eBook and make money.

Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a massive online marketplace where you can offer a service or gig. You can have a look at two of the gigs that I offer on Fiverr. One is as a social media marketer, and the other is to Tweet messages to my following.

Tutor Online

Tutoring online is an easy option that you should consider taking advantage of. There is the option of one-on-one sessions using Skype or Zoom. However, tutoring sites make it much more profitable to make videos and to sell your knowledge. The English teaching market is also steadily growing. I personally have been teaching on Palfish since 2017 with great results.

Peer to Peer Lending

Cutting out the middleman is the future of most industries. Banking is no different. With higher interest rates and cheaper loans, this is an opportunity to get money in a pinch. The real bonus is that trips to the bank are not necessary. Just an internet connection. However, this needs to be approached with much caution. The following video gives you a balanced view.

Start a YouTube Channel

There are a number of success stories of how YouTubers have converted their channels to make a living. Below is a video as to how one YouTuber has done just that.

Join a “Get Paid To” Site

“GPT” sites give you cash in exchange for your completing a variety of possible activities. Perhaps by reviewing a product or using the BETA version of an app.

Affiliate Marketing

By using your blog, website, or even social media accounts, you can sell products and services and earn a healthy commission. This is a strategy that we have been employing. And it works! I strongly recommend that you watch the following video.

Become a Serial Competition Enterer

Of course, this might smack a bit of desperation. But tell that to the growing community of ‘compers’. No guarantees, but keep your eyes open for legitimate competitions that will pay out.


So How Do We Make Money Without A Job?

The dream, of course, is to be independent of the constraints of a traditional job. Unless you are one of the few who absolutely loves their job, doesn’t want to travel and meet new people. For Celeste and I, travelling is the goal, not working at a job is a must. So here is how we managed to do it.

Step 1: Create a website and Blog

Having a professional online presence is a necessity these days. If you want to earn money from the internet, you must become the internet. Hence, we set up our website and blog. Trial and error ensued. We tried all sorts of different niche markets and ideas. But ultimately the failure of our ideas came down to one thing. You see, it wasn’t the ideas themselves that were bad, we just weren’t getting any traffic to our site. That all changed when we started to write organic SEO articles with keywords that ranked on google. The traffic flowed to our site. Money followed.

Step 2: Create an Email List

It was all good and well that some money was being earned, but it certainly was not enough for us to quit our day jobs. We realised that we were not capitalising on our great products and affiliates. And what’s more, we were letting valuable potential leads slip through the cracks. Developing an Email list propelled our business into the next level.

Step 3: Create a Facebook Page

Like anybody, Celeste and I both had personal Facebook pages were we promoted our business from. However, creating a facebook page dedicated to our business meant that we had a lot more meaningful interaction with clients. They saw us as an authority on our business of online marketing.

Step 4: Be Generous

A real impetus to our website arrived when we had accumulated enough knowledge about our business to create a free course. People want to learn. But they are nervous about spending money as they have no way of knowing if all you have to offer is a load of BS. We solved that by giving our information away for free. The payment returns in having your markets trust which they show by buying products that monetize your lifestyle.

And that is basically it. How are you planning to make money without a job?

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  • Rob Cassie

    Its nice to see a great looking site that shows different ways and ideas about making money, so many times a day we see people posting on Facebook that they have the one great idea for making money and that’s all they have. This site is showing you more than that which is very refreshing and great to see. I’ve definitely picked up a couple of ideas for myself. Great stuff.

  • Jurgen

    It’s great to hear you guys have managed to earn a full income with your own online business. Interesting tips also. I did laugh however with the ‘Become a Serial Competition Enterer’ as it indeed sounds a bit desperate. 🙂

    Fiverr is a good opportunity and if you’re good and know how to get people to your Fiverr gig, you can make a lot of money.

    For absolute beginners who really want to make a living from an online business, I personally believe starting a blog is the way to go. Lots of training programs available which will guide you step-by-step.

  • glenda

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this great article on 10 Ways to Make Money Without a Job. I enjoyed going through these 10 methods and see which one of this method will work for me well. At this moment, I’m sticking with affiliate marketing and still learning the ropes of affiliate marketing. but I would definitely give these 10 methods a try someday.

    • Celeste

      Hi Glenda, 

      Thanks for reading and all the best with your Affiliate Marketing journey. When you know what you are doing with affiliate marketing the sky is the limit to what you can earn. 

  • HappyB

    Thanks Keith.

    So many people want to earn extra money or would like the idea of a home based business, that I think you have tapped into a good vein here.

    There are not many really good ways to make money without working for someone else and there seem to be a lot of scams on the net.

    Your 10 ways all appear to be genuine. How do you identify a scam these days?

    Creating a blog and making money from it sounds fun. Does it take a long time to actually make some money from blogging?

    • Keith Engelbrecht

      Hi HappyB.

      The best way in my experience to spot a scam is when it sounds “too good to be true.” No money earning efforts come without time or hardworking. Anyone who says that they have found the way to riches and it takes only a few hours of time is a liar and possible scammer.

      It does not take a long time to start earning money as a blogger. Of course “not long” is relative when compared to other ways of making money and might seem like a long time to others. Does a year and a half to financial independence sound like a long time to you? Not to me.

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