2 Digital Nomad Job Ideas

2 Digital Nomad Job Ideas

Question: How do I get a Digital Nomad Job and travel the world?

Answer: It’s in this blog post.

Wow, that simple?

Uh huh.

Well, it is a little more complicated than that, you still have to apply the suggestions.

But the most challenging of steps to becoming a digital nomad is the very first one. Coming up with a business concept that will keep you on the road. Having a job that allows you to work from home is one thing, but you want to be location independent. Your home moves, so your career needs to let you do that. You can’t have a situation where a face-to-face with a client (some companies still don’t trust video conferencing) is a must.

Here are two of my top suggestions that have proven to be the most ideal.

Digital Nomad Job 1 – Teaching English Online

There is a multitude of platforms as wells as online companies that are seeking English teachers. My personal preference is Palfish. But should you want to investigate more options, a simple Google search will reveal a plethora. This article can certainly give you an edge if you on pursuing this option.

Digital Nomad Job 2 – Social Media Manager

Social media management is an outsourced skill. Companies appreciate that the professionals in this field are often world travelers. So marketing yourself as such should not be a problem. HigherEdJobs usually posts remote work in this field. “But that means I have to be a skilled writer?” Not necessarily. Just a basic understanding of how to create an interesting post on a social media platform is required. Being highly familiar with SEO practices is a bonus that can help you land a job.

Of course, the ability to work in a remote environment, without daily interaction of colleagues is not everyone’s cup of brandy. But for those that flourish in isolation, these jobs are for you.


Are you a digital nomad? What kind of work are you doing?


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