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4 Ways to Get Loads of Blog Traffic

The question of how to create blog traffic is most certainly the one we get asked most often. And that’s understandable. It is the number one question we had when starting out. We asked this question of experienced bloggers. First of all, we want you to understand that the advice we got all those years ago is pretty much the same advice that we will be imparting to you.

4 Ways to Get Loads of Blog Traffic

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Blog Traffic

Here is how to create scenarios and triggers for driving traffic to your site.


Because we stress about traffic, the less traffic we get. Why is that? Finally after hours of trying to answer this question we came to a realization. It is because we tried writing about what our audience wanted to read, thinking this is the key to blog traffic. However when we started to write about what we enjoy, our writing flowed, and so did our visitors. Genuine emotion created by fearless writing creates cluster traffic.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your brand grow and flourish.

Post Frequently

Your readership deserves regular updates. Drop an article more than twice a week. This promise of quality reading material is what attracts new readers and keeps your faith fans put.  Google also loves regular, frequent posting.  Always give Google what it wants.  The more you put out on your blog the quicker your library of content will grow.  There is nothing worse than coming to a site with only a few articles written.  Another benefit of posting frequently is that you will become a better writer faster.

Since We Exerted Ourselves, Things Changed

It takes an effort to write a blog post when you just aren’t feeling it creatively. But put in the effort. Do not expect that the creative flow will arrive when you are ready for it. Power through the moments of writer’s block. Keep to your schedule. Write and write some more.  Read our article Writers Block Help For Bloggers.

Take Advantage of the Community

You are not alone as a blogger. And what is more, you do not have competition. Fellow bloggers, especially those writing about your shared niche, are your biggest asset. Share their posts. Comment on their articles and social media accounts. Rejoice in their success. Your community of bloggers can do more for your blog than you could ever do on your own.  That is what we love about Ryan Biddulph from Blogging from Paradise who advocates the same message.  He is a huge believer in being part of a community of bloggers and helping each other achieve success.

Bonus Tip

Make sure your content is well written. Here is how we do it. No personal talent. We rely heavily on the people at Grammarly. What a product! Could not live without it.

I am sure you have some tips to share yourself.

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What has helped you to drive traffic to your site?




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