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5 Digital Nomad Jobs

First of all, when traveling through New York recently, and now being in Bangkok, one of the differences that stands out is the fact that NYC has loads of people living on the streets and in the subways. Also, Bangkok has very few beggars in comparison. Digital Nomads notice these kinds of things.

Now I don’t know what the socio-economic factors are that determine this, but one thing I can say it that since Bangkok is so affordable across the board, it would take a lot for me to end up on the streets here.

OK, alcohol is not cheap. But that’s about it. (Perhaps that contributes to fewer homeless?)

This is why many digital nomads use Thailand as a launchpad for there chosen lifestyle.

If you are heading down this avenue of life then maybe look at Bangkok as an ideal starting point.

That’s how you will SAVE money. But how will you make MONEY?

Here are some ideas to get you going and to work online and make money:

Digital Nomad Jobs
Hold tight when traveling by cheap water taxi. And it’s a thrilling way for Digital Nomads to travel through Bangkok.

1. Programmer

When it comes to being a programmer, this job title is so broad that it could mean anything. But basically being able to develop anything from websites to apps, to being a Technical Product Lead, lends itself to working remotely. If you have these skills, you are on your way. If not, consider up-skilling. Try this link to look for job opportunities. 

2. English Teacher

The online teaching field is really exploding at the moment. There is a long list of companies (mostly Chinese) that are hiring for their platforms. I can’t list them all but the one I use and recommend is Palfish. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is prolific. Getting in on the action is definitely recommended. Upwork is a site that offers freelancers the opportunity to find work. Check out their list of Social Media Marketing Jobs. 

4. Copywriter

You would think that agencies have the monopoly on copywriting work. I pursued this path with a Udemy course and was surprised to find that there is a lit of work out there for writing copy. This is the link to the course I took. – LINK HAHA

5. Blogger

Acquiring the skills to be a successful blogger can take a lot of time. So don’t jump into this career path without another way to earn money. But by persistently writing every day and being helpful in sharing knowledge about your chosen niche, you can turn this into a nomadic career reality. Currently, I  am drawing my inspiration from Blogging From Paradise. Ryan Biddulph will help you get onto the right road as a blogger.

There are many other ways to becoming Digital Nomads

Those are just 5 of the many options when it comes to being a digital nomad.

Are you currently living the dream? How are you doing it?

digital nomad jobs



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