Safest Countries to Visit in Europe
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5 Safest Countries to Visit in Europe

Heading to Europe this summer? You might as well pick one of the 5 Safest Countries to Visit in Europe. Since we live in a world of uncertainty, thinking about your safety while traveling is a wise thing to do.  Another thing you can do is read our list of Europes 5 safest countries to visit.

Safest Countries to Visit in Europe

1. Iceland –  No. 1  Safest Country to Visit in Europe

It keeps making the list of top countries to visit. It’s not the just the safest country in Europe but the world. The gorgeous scenery and open land, pretty much untouched by man, makes Iceland a clear winner. With an overwhelming presence of lagoons, volcanoes, and fjords, you certainly won’t get bored. The safest European country to visit scores 95% on the Safety Index.

2.  Denmark

Denmark seems to have it all, from beautiful ancient towns to Islands and beaches. Check out the “Little Mermaid,” a bronze statue, in Copenhagen.

Denmark scores 95% on the Safety Index, which is fantastic. It makes sense to always be on the lookout for suspicious activity or abandoned luggage in public areas, as this could indicate possible terrorist activity. However, overall Denmark is a very safe destination.

3. The Gem – Portugal

The gem of Western Europe. Since we are planning to road trip through Portugal early next year, we will keep you posted on developments. We are looking forward to the surf vibe and coffee culture. The country has a lot to offer; from delicious food to wandering the ancient cobbled stone towns. Since there are some threats when it comes to petty crimes Portugal scores an 87% on the Safety Index. Not among the top 5 safest countries in the world, but it’s on our list because Portugal has personality.

4. Switzerland

We know your mind is conjuring up images of the beautiful Swiss Alps. My first trip overseas with my family back in 2002, was in Switzerland. What I remember most is catching so many trains to go up to Jungfrau, the top of Europe.  I will never forget it. Switzerland ranks 89% on the Safety Index.

5. The Emerald Isle

An Irish accent is a challenge to understand, but heck that’s part of the fun when ordering a beer in Ireland. Follow George Karbus on Instagram, and you will fall in love with Ireland once you see it through his lens. He focuses mainly on ocean photography; it is breathtaking.

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The Emerald Isle scores an 83% on the Safety Index. Terror threats and pickpocketing are risks, so always be vigilant.

Final Thoughts

Those our picks for the Safest Countries to Visit. Keep in mind though, that pickpocketing, petty theft, bag snatching and ATM scams do occur. But, these are relatively rare. Always be aware of your surroundings.

We hope that you enjoyed our list and that it gives you the inspiration to plan your next trip.

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