Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs
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5 Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs

Your blog needs a lot of things but the 5 Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs is important to gain new and recurring traffic.  Of course, there are easier ways to gain loads of traffic quickly but it’s going to cost you.  Facebook and Google Ads are fantastic and effective methods to use but remember it all adds up and if you are not consistently making money from your blog then you are not running an effective business.  A better more cost effective way is to structure your blog and articles in such a way that it attracts visitors. So here is our list of  5 Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs. 

Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs

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1.Free Offer (Give Away)

You have to give your reader something valuable in exchange for their email address.  Their email address is a valuable asset to you because you will use this list to market and sell your products. Spend some time coming up with a good free give away.  Think about your niche and think about what problem your reader wants to be solved.  Ebooks are a great giveaway and very easy to produce.  Get creative and have fun with this.  If your giveaway sucks your reader will be less likely to check your blog out in the future for helpful content.  It’s really about trying to impress your blog reader.

2.Email List

Start your email list as soon as you start your blog.  As mentioned earlier this list is your business asset.  You want to get your readers engaged immediately and you want to keep reminding them of your brand.  It’s really simple if they have a problem that you can solve you want them to think about your blog first. Use your email list responsibly and don’t spam your readers.  Spend time creating valuable content you send your readers.  Not only are you monetising the content you send but you are also giving them the information they need.  We suggest using MailerLite  Email Marketing software.  They are free to use for up to 1000 subscriber.  They have great templates for every niche.

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3. Easy Navigation

Don’t complicate your site with too many options in your navigation bars.  When people see clutter they move on, it causes anxiety. Your Menu should contain a Start Here (or similar), Blog, Contact & About us page.  Try and keep it to a minimal, of course, we understand each blog has its own personality.  Don’t forget links to your legal pages but you can always put these in your secondary menu in your footer area.  Keep in mind that most of your blog readers will be reading your blog on their mobile so only put on your navigation bar what is absolutely necessary.

We have a free 5-day course teaching complete newbie blogger how to build and monetise a blog from scratch.  Inside this course, we have templates for your legal pages.

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4. Catchy Headlines

We call this click bait.  If you want people to click on your blog articles you have to grab their attention.  Be bold and make statements, promises anything that keeps their attention.  So exactly how do you go about doing this?

  1. Optimise for SEO – Use your keyword in your heading, this will help your article rank better in Google.
  2. Your Audience – Ask yourself, who am I writing for, use jargon and language that speaks to them.
  3. Solve a Problem – Your reader has just googled a problem they need solving, promise to solve the problem for them in your headline. For example – Gain 5000 twitter follower in 30 days –  Someone who wants more twitter followers but doesn’t know how to get these followers is going to click on your headline to learn how to to do this.
  4. Use numbers –  Readers love numbers and list type articles.  Numbers make sense to us and we can digest things easier when numbers are involved.  For example  – 4 Counties to Visit Europe This Summer
  5. Steal! –  Yes, you read it correctly, Steal someone else’s headline.  Go to your competitor’s site and look for catchy headlines, now take these headlines and personalize it to something you’ve written.  Let’s say they’ve written an article on – 20 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic – your headline should read: – 40 Ways to Gain Explosive Traffic Quickly – Go to Pinterest and search for pins in your niche.  Now look for pins that have been pinned thousands of times and look at their headlines.  These headlines work and all you have to do is make it your own and ride on their success.

5. Good SEO

Good SEO enables google to crawl and index your blog page; hopefully on the first page; driving tons of traffic to your site.  You want to write articles using keywords with low competition.  In addition, you want to add outbound links, inbound links, pictures, and all the other good stuff.  You also want the readability of your article to be good so that Google can recommend your article.  Download and use the Yoast Plugin if you are using WordPress.  It’s a great tool you can use to ensure you have good SEO before you hit that publish button.  It’s the best method to drive free traffic to your site.

Another way to ensure that your SEO is good is to use low competition keywords, this means that many people are searching the keyword but not a lot is written about it.  You can use Google Ads keyword planner to find keywords but you will need a Google Adwords account alternatively you can use a tool called Jaaxy. Below you can test it out.  Sign Up & Get 30 Free Searches.

Conclusion (Things Your Blog Absolutely Needs)

Always start and build your blog on a solid foundation.  You don’t want to go back months later and fix things up when you should have done them properly from the beginning.  Always write with good SEO in mind, Pay attention to your Headlines (They either make or break an article) and don’t forget to have fun.

If you are new to blogging sign up for our FREE 5 DAy Course on how to start and monetise a blog from scratch.


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.


  • Kayd Mob

    I like the way you have broken down the 5 things a blog needs, I am a newbie in online marketing and my site is almost 3 months y/o so, definitely, these tips are going to be helpful despite using one of them already I know I do still need to improve.
    I agreed with you completely when you said to not complicate the site, the more simple it is the easier is the readability.
    About emailing list I do not know how it works, that’s the only thing I do not use while I am writing an article apart from five

    • Celeste

      Hi Kayd, 

      Thanks for reading. Building your email list early on in your blogging journey is one the most important things you can do.  Next week we are publishing a post entitled, How to Grow with an Email List & Rocket Your Business, that I’m sure you will enjoy.  We are working on some tutorials on how to set up your email lists.  So keep our site bookmarked. 

      All the best with your blog and business venture. 

  • David

    Easy navigation is so important! I’ve came across beautiful designed website’s but the number one thing that would throw me off was options and clutter. Multiple options plus distractions throughout the site pushed me away and I never returned. That stuck with me. I now know easy navigation is highly important.

    “5 things your blog absolutely needs” is a must read!

  • Mark

    Decent list of things a blog needs to be successful. I would add a 6th, “It needs quality content”. No good working SEO, headlines, images etc for the traffic that comes to be dealt shoddy content. It needs to first off answer the problem, it needs to read easily and be at least 1500 words long. That way the traffic that does come are more likely to not bounce away and click your sales links which helps Google see you as worthy of your 1st page ranking. 

    • Celeste

      Hi Mark, 

      Thanks for your input. We completely agree with you.  Quality content is very important when it comes to visitors staying longer on your site. 

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