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Affordable Employee Perks for Small Businesses

Happy employees make for a successful company. Practical perks can also be affordable.

A good salary is not the only way to attract top talent to your business.

Attracting skill is especially crucial for SMEs with restricted funds and resources. Providing perks is one such method of attraction.

Affordable Ideas:

Give your employees freebies.

A company could pay for lodging if employees have to travel from outside the city.

Additionally, providing your employees with a complimentary coffee is an affordable way to give them more than just a caffeine high. All day bottomless coffee is not as expensive as you think.

Flexible Work Hours

Exhausted, over-worked employees are not going to be effective. This is common sense. The problem is that most cities, particularly in Asia, are renowned for their terrible traffic. Employees that are stuck in traffic are hardly contributing.

One solution is allowing staff to choose either to begin work earlier or end later in order to avoid rush hour.

Allowing employees to work remotely every now and then is also becoming a popular perk. Additionally, business owners are able to cut down on operating expenses. Amongst these expenses are cuts to the electricity bill and a reduction in purchasing office supplies. These savings can be significant over the period of a year.

Give the team a sense of fun. All work and no play can be disastrous to team morale.

This does not have to be expensive. Consider spending money on group lunches, sporting activities and or even video karaoke. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities to choose from, that aren’t expensive.

Trips and Discounts

Quick company trips are also a great idea. Yearly, take your team for excursions around the country.

What do workers want most? The answer would most likely be in the form of a single word. And despite what you might think, “more money” is not what most workers would say. Rather, “discount”, would be their answer.

Giving staff members a generous discount is worth it. There is no doubt that employee discounts contribute massively to keeping staff loyal and from defecting to the opposition.

Be innovative when providing perks for your staff. However, make sure to remain within the budget plan. Remember that the little things you do can go a long way.

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