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Anabolic Steroids and Side Effects – Fitness Travellers Take Note

What are anabolic steroids and its side effects?

Androgens and anabolic steroids incorporate the endogenous male sex hormone testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, and amongst others that perform just like these sex hormones. Androgens enhance male gender qualities, (for example, a deep voice and facial hair development) and the advancement of male sex organs. Anabolic steroids invigorate development in numerous different kinds of tissues, particularly bone and muscle. Anabolic steroids impact of red blood cells.

Doctors sometimes recommend steroids to treat hormonal issues, for example, delayed puberty. But anabolic steroids do have side effects.

How do individuals misuse anabolic steroids?

Some bodybuilders or athletes utilise pyramiding—gradually expanding the portion or recurrence of steroid use, achieving a pinnacle outcome, and afterwards, step by step decreasing their use of anabolic steroids.

The most imperative contrast is that steroids don’t trigger quick increments of dopamine, which causes the “high” that drives individuals to abuse substances. It is much more subtle.

Long-term steroid misuse can affect brain pathways compounds. This includes dopamine and serotonin. Anabolic steroids have side effects that are very similar to drug abuse.

What side effects are associated with Anabolic Steroids?

  • Contracting Balls (really!)

  • Hindered Growth (if teenagers utilize steroids before their development spurt)

Read more about anabolic steroids and side effects related to injecting steroids and HIV/AIDS in DrugFacts: HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse: Intertwined Epidemics at

The reason? Cravings. You can become addicted to steroids!

People who are treated find that treatment is useful.

Anabolic steroid misuse may cause medical issues.

Check out this downloadable PDF. (DEA)

So What is the Alternative?

Apart from genuine health issues that require steroids as treatment, there really should be no reason to use steroids as a performance enhancer.

There are way too many natural and less harmful ways to look great. People take steroids as a shortcut. It just isn’t logical. So obviously we have discovered an alternative to enabling you to look amazing while still travelling.

Body Boss

Body Boss is a workout and eating program that really works. Celeste and I are proof of that.

Although Body Boss is marketed and designed for the ladies, I, a man, found the principles contained within easy to apply to my own lifestyle.

The last I checked Body Boss was offering a 25% off deal on all of their guides, however, I’m not sure if that was only for Halloween… anyway I’ll leave a link at the end of the article and you can check it out for yourself.

Click on my link if you don’t mind as I do get a small commission from them. Thanks.

So basically the promise made by Body Boss is that you can achieve your fitness goals within 12 weeks. Within reason of course. This requires that you do 24min exercises per day, 3 times each week. No reason to rick anabolic steroids and side effects that follow.

So it’s not like even the busiest globetrotter can’t fit this into their schedule.

This is hands down the best program I have seen that helps you take your first steps to a completely new you.

It’s not just workouts but your diet that gets an overhaul. You’ll accomplish this by unlocking the power of superfoods. How do they work? Its all explained in the guides provided.

Body Boss offers 3 packages that you can choose from.

First, the Fitness and Nutrition Bundle. So basically this is the best value for money as it incorporates the workouts and diet plans into one bundle. You’ll be maximising your results.

This is in one package all you will need to totally transform your body.

For 12 weeks you will have a comprehensive fitness guide that you can follow, and similarly, for those twelve weeks, you will be controlling your calorie intake with a well thought out eating plan.

And since this is the flagship bundle, you will obviously receive some deserved freebies.

The first is a 4-week pre-training guide. And another bonus freebie is the smoothie recipe book.

Perhaps you feel that you have the diet side of things all worked out. Then you will only need the Fitness Guide. This is the 12-week step-by-step workout plan that is easy to follow but offers results right out the gate. You’ll be looking at 24 minutes of active exercise per session, and that’s for 3 days each week. The concept is built around HIIT training that rapidly burns fat.

Great news for travellers and digital nomads alike, no gym or equipment is needed.

You will also receive the bonus 4-week pre-training book. No space for anabolic steroids and their side effects.

Then again, some of you might feel that its the workout plan that poses no problem for you and you would ideally like a professionally designed eating plan. Body Boss has the answer. That’s where the standalone Nutrition Guide comes in handy.

For 12 weeks your meals are all planned out. And that’s the silver bullet for trying to eat healthily. If you have to rely on yourself to try and be inventive at mealtime, you’ll likely end up eating the same foods over and over, and that, in turn, will result in a boring diet that won’t last. Believe me, I know. With 150 easy and delicious meals to try out, boredom is not going to be a problem. Superfoods are the killer health ingredient you never knew were so essential to your health. Unlock their superpowers with this guide. For many of us, the reason our eating habits are so bad is that we learned them over the decades since infancy. This guide teaches us new healthy ways to eat. And as a free bonus, you will receive a smoothie recipe book with the nutrition guide.

So as promised, here is the link:

Find The Perfect Guide For You! Shop Now Only At

Let me know about your progress to achieving your fitness goals.

In the meantime, you’ll be wanting to plan a trip somewhere that will suit your brand new body image. We have just the guide for you.


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