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Apple – Policing Policy – What it Means for Your Business

Welcome to Feral Africa. If this is your first time on our blog we invite you to join in the conversation. We are most concerned with the modern Digital Nomad and helping them to live a life of travel and business. This requires an understanding of strategies that will grow your business. Above all, we have a look at how Apple is tackling the digital speech dilemma.

Travelling on the New York Subway one wintery day a young guy walks into the crowded car.  “Repent!” He yells out. “Hell awaits!”. Because this happens daily, the experienced New Yorker will simply raise the volume on their iPod.

So, Is this ok? How does Apple feel?

Can just anyone raise their voice in a crowd, drown out the clickety-clack of the subway train and force their opinion on you. Apple doesn’t think so. Also, they have recently taken a stand against the likes of Alex Jones and removed his podcasts from their platform.

Some might feel that Apple is in the right. While Apple is a corporation, do they have the right to decide what to allow on their digital space? While censoring any speech could be a violation of a basic right, does this call into question the validity of any public platform?

Police digital speech. Right? The debate will never end. Avoid the quagmire. You just need to stay up to date with your favourite platforms policies. Apple has taken a solid stand to protect their image. Twitter, however, has responded with lukewarm ideology. Podcasts that marginalize or offend a particular group will likely be removed from Apple.Twitter is non-committal. Where do you stand on the issue? Leave a comment.

That also goes for App’s that are designed for a niche market. Therefore you will want to keep this in mind when producing content.

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