Becoming location independent - Let me Show you How

Become a Digital Nomad – Read This easy Guide

So you are looking at becoming location independent. That entails a few things, including: finding an online income stream, marketing yourself and qualifying yourself. Not necessarily in that order mind you.

In order to do that, you need a website. And having an active blog is super important. Once that is done you’ll want the world to know about you. Social networks are your marketing friend. Especially Pinterest. Follow this guide to setting yourself up as a Pinterest guru.

By keeping followers and fans up to date on your movements they can feel invested in you as a person.

Once you have sufficient income to make your move, the next question is, where will I go to become a digital nomad?

There are some countries and locations that lend themselves to the nomadic lifestyle. Go to Chiang Mai, the current digital nomad capital.  The reason being that it is cheap with fast internet. Just what a location independent lifestyle requires. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Network!

Southeast Asia might not be your end goal. However it makes for a perfect launchpad.

However keep in mind that as welcoming the people of Thailand are, the general Visa requirements mean that every few months you have to do border runs or become inventive with student or education visas.


We have taken the option of studying for our TESOL BA as it provides more options and value to our online teaching skills. Check out SIAM Technology College.

There are obviously a number of options to follow, what with the Internet providing a multitude of means to make money without being tied to a specific location, but the current trend is to teach English. This is especially so in the orient. Get yourself a TEFL certification.  This is the first step along the path of teaching English.


The next is finding a company to work for online. Personally I have found Palfish to be a great platform to teach on.


How about you?

Are you living the location independent lifestyle?

If so how?

Are you planning to?

Share your experience or ask questions.


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.

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