Starting on a career path of professional blogging can seem intimidating.  You need all the help you can get, right? So what is the best affiliate marketing course for newbie bloggers? You want to monetize right away.   Successful blogging has so many moving parts it's hard to keep up with it all.  You have your social media marketing, email subscriber list, bait offer, and many other things to think about.
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Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Newbie Bloggers

Starting on a career path of professional blogging can seem intimidating.  You need all the help you can get, right? So what is the best affiliate marketing course for newbie bloggers allowing you to monetize right away?   Successful blogging has so many moving parts it’s hard to keep up with it all.  You have your social media marketing, email subscriber list, bait offers, and many other things to think about.  You, of course, realize that if you want your blog to pay the bills you need to make money from it.  Enter Affiliate Marketing!  If you are serious about your blogging career but still consider yourself a newbie then learning everything you can about affiliate marketing is the best course of action to take right now.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

What is Affiliate Marketing (AM)?

Bloggers promote certain products (physical or digital) to their readers by writing about the product on their blog.  You link keywords in your blog article with a unique affiliate link.  If your reader decides to purchase the product the blogger will earn a small commission.  Usually, you will be paid at the end of each month, but it’s up to the “product producer” to disclose this information to the blogger.  Of course, there is much more to this kind of Marketing.

How Much In Earnings Are We Talking About?

It varies from program to program.  Ranging from 2% to 50% commission, depending on who the merchant is.  Physical products, like the ones sold on Amazon, tend to have lower commision structures due to the high cost involved. Alternatively, digital products seem to have higher commision structures because they cost less to create.  Considering your niche, it’s important to be selective as you decide which affiliates to promote.  We always opt for something we believe in and that we can honestly recommend to our readers.

What Should a Good Affiliate Marketing Course Teach Me?

  • They should teach you what affiliate marketing (AM) is.
  • Understanding AM programs & Networks.
  • How to implement and set it up.
  • How best to create content around your affiliate links.
  • Etiquette
  • How to leverage product reviews.
  • Copywriting skills.

Learning On The Job

The best approach is; earning while you are learning.  This way you make your mistakes and learn on the job.  By the time the course is complete you already have a fully-fledged blog, content, and live affiliate links. This is exactly how we started and we recommend it to any newbie bloggers.  Making the first sale on affiliate marketing is a culmination of hard work.

Best AM Course If You Are a Newbie Blogger

Wealthy Affiliate is the best AM course available.  We really dig their interactive approach.   As a premium member (PM) the following training is yours:

  1. The Online Entrepreneur Certificate (OEC) training. This 5 phase (50 lessons) series walks you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you choose.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (AB).  The AB training is a 70 lesson course that teaches you the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of WA.

I have completed both training courses and recommend it to all wanting to build an online business.  The training is brilliant!

Included in The Premium Membership:

  • The Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 phase (fifty lessons) series of courses
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 Phase (seventy lessons) series of courses
  • Free web hosting (host up to 50 websites)
  • Unlimited live help
  • Unlimited Web Support
  • Private Coaching
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • 2 x Higher Earnings than Starter Program.
  • Unlimited Keyword Research Tool

Yes, Let Me At It!

Wealthy Affiliate is different in that they provide a lifetime free Starter Membership. It’s worth trying out the free starter plan just to get the free training. Starter members have access to the following training:

  1. Beginner Training Course – 10 Lessons of training and introduction to creating a business online.  Before lesson 4 you will own a niche website!
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1

Included in your Starter Membership

  • Introductory Training Course – 10 lesson training and introduction
  • AB Training – Phase 1 training
  • Limited Keyword Research Tool
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching for the first 7 days.
  • Help for the initial week.
  • Host 2 websites ( but does not include hosting for domains you own previously).


  • Starter – $0 (free joining fee and permanent membership)
  • Within your first month as a Starter Member,  you will be able to go Premium for $19 (limited to one month)
  • Thereafter, PM costs $47 p/m.
  • Alternatively, Yearly PM  cost $299.00 ( 50% savings)

Final Thoughts

We stand behind the Wealthy Affiliate program because it has led to our success.  At the moment we remain on the Premium Membership as a result of all it has to offer.  We suggest you test out their free membership and decide for yourself.  An education in Affiliate Marketing is the best investment you will make as a blogger.  If you can master this area of marketing you will be able to create a full-time business. Best of luck.


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.

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