Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service
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Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service

Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service.  A few days ago Keith and I went for lunch at a really nice spot Project Artisan in Phuket.  It’s a popular expat lunch spot which means that it’s not cheap but you can get great western food.  We were really looking forward to it because we were out for the day hoping to get inspired.

Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service

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To be honest, the whole thing was a fiasco, our waitress hovered around our table like a bumble bee.  Enter Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service. My Salad eventually arrived.  Keith was still waiting for his.  When I had finished my salad we realized that they must have forgotten his order.

So what am I trying to get at here?

  1. Looking for a nice spot to eat and willing to pay a high price?
  2. We wanted good food and to relax in a nice restaurant.
  3. We wanted to enjoy the experience.

Instead, we cancelled his order after I had finished my salad and left hating the experience vowing never to go back again.

The waitress didn’t even notice that his food hadn’t arrived.  I can’t remember if my salad was any good and I just remember sitting outside and it was very hot.  I don’t remember anything good about having lunch here. Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service continues:

The Blogging Connection

When it comes to blogging, us bloggers, often spend hundreds of hours making our blogs look pretty but we forget about functionality.  We lose track of why we started the blog in the first place.   Remember that your aim is to help your readers so that you can turn them into clients and make money.  If you don’t deliver on the basic things they will go find it somewhere else but worse they will remember the bad experience they had with you and they won’t come back.

Remember the Basics

When starting out on your blogging journey it can tough.  You are still learning so you read everything you can on the internet on how to make blogging a success.  As time goes by you could get so lost that you forget about the basics.  The basics are simple and it never changes.

You started your blog about a niche you were knowledgeable about and your goal is to monetize it. Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service checklist:


So to help you get back on track we have put together a list to regularly check that you are delivering.

  1. Is your Contact Us Page working? Send yourself an email to test that it works.  Imagine a reader emails you and weeks go by and they don’t get a reply.  You are completely unaware and lose a potential client that you didn’t even know about.  The potential clients are disappointed and move on to your competitor and become their client.
  2. If new readers land on your blog, do they know exactly what your Blog Niche is about by just looking at the front page?   People have very short attention spans and if they can’t find what they are looking for in under a minute they will move on. Make your niche very clear on the front page with a short catchphrase.
  3. Do your article Genuinely Help or are they filled with fluff.  Potential clients might stay on your blog because the site looks really great but if they realize that your content is useless they will soon leave.  Blog readers value great content more than a pretty looking site. More Blogging Lessons I’ve learnt from Bad Service.
  4. Are our Links working?  There is nothing more annoying that clicking on a link in an article and it doesn’t work.
  5. This is like your food not arriving!

  6. Always test links in your article before you publish.
  7. Don’t Mislead your readers.  If you promise to solve a problem then solve the problem.  When selling something be honest about pricing, shipping and delivery times.  Don’t bullshit!

People often don’t mind paying a higher price if it means getting the item faster.  They don’t mind reading a long in-depth article if they know that they will find the answer to their problem.  All your readers want is honesty and transparency.  If you can manage to make your blog perfect then great but don’t spend all your time on it.  Rather spend your time giving your reader a great experience and giving them more than they expected.  Don’t forget to serve the main dish so to speak.

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