5-Day Mini-Course: How to Start and Monetise a Blog from Scratch

In this 5 Day easy to follow we show absolute beginners how to publish and monetise a blog.  By the end of 5 days, you will have a fully functioning blog with pages, content, contact page and affiliate links.  We use a free platform called SiteRubix to build and host your blog.  The course is absolutely free (You do not have to pay for anything to use the platform to learn on)

Blog Budget Calculator

If you want to keep track of what your blog is costing every month then download our popular Blog Budget Calculator.  Not only can you keep track of your costs but you can also calculate future income.  This tool helps you keep track of your blog finances when planning ahead.

How to Search for Keywords for SEO to Rank Organically

The key to appearing on the first page of search engines organically and gaining massive free traffic is by using the right keywords in your content.  By using the right keyword you are employing good SEO tactics helping you rank better.  It’s a simple trick many bloggers employ to get their content ranked at the top of Google, Bing and other search engines.  You may ask, How to Search for Keywords for SEO?  We show you how.

How to Set Up a Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a great social media tool to get some free blog traffic. Our complete beginner’s guide will help you have your business Pinterest account set up in no time.

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic

Boost your Pinterest blog traffic with Tailwind.  This tool can literally explode your blog traffic in very little time.  We show you how to use Tailwind to achieve this.

Creating a Blogging Workflow That Works

As new Bloggers, it’s sometimes very difficult to create a balanced workflow.  We share some tips on how to create a workflow that works.  We’ve included a free PDF Monthly  Blog Planner.

How To Write For Blogs

We share some tips on how to write for your blog more effectively.  From the length of articles to headlines and more.

How to Grow with an Email List & Rocket Your Business

Starting your blogging business can be daunting.  In the beginning, it seems impossible to grow really big with 50 000 + visitors coming to your blog.  Growing with an email list will help you get there faster.  Your next question is probably, How to Grow with an Email List.  We show you how.