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Can’t Find Digital Nomad Jobs – 10 Places To Find Them

Are you struggling to find digital nomad jobs?  If you are serious about creating a location independent lifestyle it’s important to find good employment online that pays for your lifestyle.  Many location independents choose not to start their own online businesses because it’s too stressful.  They would rather opt for an online job that offers a stable income.  It’s not always easy to land a good job like this.  Where to look?  We’ve compiled a list of sites you can visit.

Digital Nomad Jobs


This is a great site for both remote workers and remote employers.  They have an active community that answers questions.  There is a job search function on the site and you can see when the jobs were posted.  Their blog is informative and helps those starting out with difficulties they might face.


Another great site to find online work.  They have twice as many development listings as they have for anything else.  So if you are a developer then this would be a good place to start.

3. Jobspresso

Job categories include designer, developer, devops, marketing, pm, sales, support, writing and various.  With such a wide range you are bound to find something.

4. Remote Age 

This site allows you to search for jobs and apply.  You can also upload your Resume and get job alerts.

5 We Work Remotely

This is another great job listing site for those looking for developing, copywriting, marketing or customer support jobs.  Job listings are well written and you know exactly what you are applying for.

6. Remotive 

Claims you can find a job anywhere in the world.  It only lists remote work.  They offer a free webinar discussing

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Always good to educate yourself first.

7. Go Remote Jobs 

A very straightforward layout where you can either post or look for a job.  Jobs are mostly tech related.

8. Skip The Drive 

A great site to look for online work.   You can browse jobs by category.  Categories include accounting, call center, data capturing to insurance. There is a great work from home resources page.

9. Virtual Vocations 

If you specialize in telecommunication then this is a great place to look. You create a profile and they look for a job for you.  It’s that simple.

10. Outsourcely

You can search full time or part time work job openings.  There is a wide range of categories to choose from making this remote job hunting site attractive.

Bonus Section: 

We will be adding to our list as we find good quality sites where you can find online work.


Check this site out.  They have a very hands-on approach helping you find online work based on your experience and career goals. Their family-owned business has been operating since 2003.  Their blog is filled with useful information for online job seekers.  They also have a job board section where you can search for openings.

Final Words:

Working remotely can be very rewarding.  It allows you to live anywhere in the world and become a digital nomad.  Another alternative is to start your own blog and monetize it. Read our article Part 1 – How to Start a Blog and Make Money Doing It


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.

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