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Chatuchak Market Bangkok

Why did we go to Chatuchak Market Bangkok? For Science.

First of all Mercury’s daytime temperature reaches 427ºC.  And a day on the planet lasts more than 58 earth days.

My preparations to be the first astronaut to visit this planet are complete. Also, my training was not easy. Another way to explain it is that I had to endure activities on earth that simulated 58 days in one. Also, it was vital that I experience daytime heat similar to that of the surface of Mercury.

There is only one place on earth that is this hot. So to the middle of Bangkok during April we went. And there is only one activity that can make a single day feel like 58 – shopping.

My goal to become Mercurial, which incidentally lead to becoming so, took me to Chatuchak Market with my wife and our visiting friends from South Africa.

This market, the largest in Thailand and I would argue the world, boasts 15 000 stalls. Furthermore, it attracts 200 000 visitors per week. Opposite to the quiet surface of Mercury, this might be but don’t know what the stall owners did for the rest of that week since it seemed all 200 000 decided to visit on that particular Saturday.

Do want to buy stuff? That might seem like a vague question. “What kind of stuff?”, You might ask. It doesn’t matter.

Chatuchak Market – They Have the Right Stuff

Chatuchak market has all the stuff. Ever made. Clothes and accessories. Handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, bags for men, bags for women, bags for other containers, briefcases and purses.

I was starting to have second thoughts about my trip to Mercury. I was hoping to leave earlier rather than later. Could I endure this experience any longer? My friends and wife had taken it upon themselves to burden me with their purchases like an experimental camel. Most of all I was knocking old ladies over with the number of wares I was carrying. Old Vietnamese ladies. Shopping in Vietnam. My breaking point was fast approaching. Succour came in the form of coconut. A halved coconut contained ice cream within.

Coconut Ice Cream saved me from death by shopping. Saved like Grammarly saves us from word crimes. Saved liked Rick and Morty save us from ourselves. Also, I learned that Mercury might not be for me.

Finally, I can resume my nomadic wanderings on earth without pondering space travel. Sorry, Elon.

So to go shopping at Chatuchak Market, follow these directions. Hop onto the BTS (Sukhumvit Line) and get off at Mo Chit station, take exit no. 1 and follow the crowd.  

So, I’ve included a map of Chatuchak Weekend Market to make navigating the madness easier.

Chatuchak Market Map


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