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Design Trends for Offices in 2018

As a digital nomad, you might not always have access to your perfect office space. But by incorporating some of these design trends, maybe you can get close to it.

You have unique office needs. Therefore, Feral Africa has researched new office design trends. Furthermore, you can incorporate these into your office, no matter your particular needs.

Design Trends in 2018:

Meeting Rooms for Each Team

Booking a generic looking conference room is the standard in most big corporates. But there is nothing inspiring about a standard meeting space that both the accounting and design team share. Having a place for each team to call its own means that they can be decorated to suit the requirements of those meeting within their four walls.

Casual Work Spaces

Working remotely is becoming more and more common. This means that employees aren’t bound to their desk like they used to be. When one does have to go back to the office, why not have a casual area, with comfy chairs or sofas that can be a place of productive work for individuals or pairs.


An obvious problem that might occur when teams come together for a brainstorming session, is the potential for making a racket. This is great for allowing the creative juices to flow unless you are sitting nearby trying to calculate the year-end budget. So, by installing sound dampening room dividers, teams can each use a corner or even a small space, and still concentrate on what they are doing.

Non Standardised Seating

An office place is generally boring. Brown desk, maroon chair, and a black wastepaper basket. This kills inspiration. A recent trend is to buy an assortment of furniture, each desk and chair having a different look to bring back individualism to the workplace.

Try one or more of these 2018 office trends to breathe life back into a workspace.

Or maybe you would like to design your office space from scratch. You’ll need an app for that.



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