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Beach Life is the Best Life – But Keep Your Skin Protected – Here’s How

If you aren’t location bound, then why not chase summer. That is the appeal of living like digital nomads. This equals plenty of sun and beach time. The downside, of course, is the exposure to harmful UV rays that can ruin your healthy skin and even cause cancer. So for all of our fellow nomads and travellers, here are some tips for keeping yourself healthy while still enjoying the outdoors.

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The Digital Nomads Fishing Hat

Mens Fishing Hat Round -UV Protection – Neck Face Curtain and Breathable VisorsDigital Nomads fishing hat for the beach
Sunscreen is the go-to face protection method. However, for some potential of missing a spot on your ears or neck is not an option. Enter, the Fishing Hat with a neck and face curtain.

Maybe a Cap is More Your Style for The Beach

Outdoor Cap with UV Face and Neck ProtectionDigital nomads - beach cap

This item, provides shade for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Probably more convenient than the wide brim hat for bank heists. Haha, just kidding. Or am I? Yes I am. Or…?

Don’t Want Blistering Hot Car Seats

Car Window Sun Visordigital nomads - car seat protection when parking at the beach

You’ve gone to all that trouble protecting your sensitive face skin, but you’ve forgotten to protect your money maker. Sitting on a car seat thats been baking in the beach, or mall, parking lot can cause quite a bum roast. Cover your side windows and slide your buttocks onto cool comfort. Also protects your arms from a farmers tan.

Camo is the New Black

Camouflage Fishermans Hat digital nomads - camouflage hat - beach camo

Want to keep your mouth free for ice-cream and shouting at the kids. You’ll need to forgo the face curtain and stick with a classic Fishermans Hat. But don’t just leave it lying around anywhere. You’ll never find it again. After all, it is camouflage.


Tried and tested, the above sun protection methods will keep you healthy and enable you to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods.

How do you stay protected? Leave a comment.


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