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Does Pinterest Drive Traffic?

For those starting out on their blogging journey, you may have asked Does Pinterest Drive Traffic? If it really does drive tons of traffic then it’s time to incorporate this free tool into your blogging strategy. Pinterest is a very popular visual platform that thousands of internet users use each day. So before we answer your question let’s have a quick look at how Pinterest works.

Does Pinterest Drive Traffic?

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How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is a free platform anyone can use. As an end user, you look forward to creating an account and collecting pins that interest you. If you are redecorating your house you would create a specific board with let’s say kitchens and you would collect pins with kitchen ideas that inspire you with your revamping project.  I’m sure you are familiar with this.

Some Interesting Facts About Pinterest

40 % of Pinners have a household income of about $100k+ and that means that they have money to spend and that they are willing to spend it.  This is the right kind of traffic you want to drive to your blog if you are selling something.

93% of active Pinterest users say that they use Pinterest to plan their purchases.  Did you know that there are about 200 million monthly Pinterest users? 93% of this number is a huge amount of people ready to buy something.  Think about this when creating your blog content.  Create content for the various purchasing stages of each customer.  First brand yourself and tell people why your product will solve their problem, next write about the benefits of the product you are selling.  Then just sell your product in your final stage.

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform and 29% of US adults use Pinterest.  These facts prove that Pinterest is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your blog.

So Where Does the Traffic Come From?

From the interesting facts above I’m sure you can see that not only is Pinterest a very popular platform but it’s being used by people wanting to spend their money.   Here is where the magic begins.  The average Pinner with a private account knows that Pinterest has fantastic visual ideas they can use and they get to save these ideas for later perusal.  In fact, data shows that 70% of Pinners will either search, save or click on a pin.  Pinners are very interactive and that is great for bloggers wanting this kind of traffic.  So you want to create great visual pins that click back to your blog and in turn, you will get pinners either saving it to their boards or clicking through.  So if you’ve done a great job in creating eye-catching pins with viral headlines you are going to gains tons of free traffic.

Does Pinterest Drive Traffic? Some Tips

#Tip 1

As a blogger; put in the effort to properly describe a pin and pin it to the correct board.

#Tip 2

Ensure you’ve switched your account to a business account (it’s free) and fill in your bio with a photo of either yourself or your brand logo.  Be professional.

#Tip 3

Always make sure that your board’s name, description and category is filled in.  This makes it easier for pinners to find your pins.

#Tip 4

Follow the 80/20 rule.  This means that you pin 80% others peoples pins and 20% your own.

If you are completely new to Pinterest then read our Tutorial: How to Set Up a Pinterest Account 

Do You Have a Strategy?

If you don’t you should really consider developing a strategy that works for you. You want to get as many followers who can re-pin your pins so that more people can see your pin and hopefully click on your content.

Start off by following people in your Niche with at least 5000+ followers.  Next, follow some of their followers, some of these followers will follow you back.  Part of your strategy should be to have at least 10 – 15 boards with 40 pins plus pinned to it.    Do not publish a board if it has fewer than 40 pins.

Next you want to collaborate on other boards that are in your niche.  Collaborating is an excellent way to expose your pins to new Pinners, not in your circle.  Just remember that this can be time-consuming because you have to find boards within your niche that accept new collaborators.  Next, you have to contact the board owner and ask if you can join the board as a Pinner.  They then either invite you or they don’t.  If you have the time to do this then you should definitely do it because it’s a quick way to explode your blog traffic.

Use Tailwind to Fast Track Your Traffic Goals

An even quicker way to automate this process and have access to other boards is to use Tailwind.  They have what they call Tribes.  A Tribe is a bunch of Pinners with similar content and they share each other’s pins to their boards.  They have rules to follow but basically, you have to pin someone else pin before you can share your own pin.  If the other Pinners in your Tribe like your pin they will pin it to their boards.  This strategy gets your pins infront of thousands of Pinners each day and it is a powerful tool.   Tailwind also allows you to automate hundreds of pins right throughout the day.  Remember, the more you pin the better your rankings will be.  Like any other social media network, Pinterest loves active users and they reward you for it.  This is a paid tool but it saves you tons of time you could be spending creating valuable content.

You can try Tailwind for Free

If you are interseted in learning more about Taiwind you can read our article How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite



Does Pinterest Drive Traffic? Yes, it definitly does and if you are willing to spend a bit of time on your Pinterest account creating boards, filling in your bio, creating great pins and joining other boards then you can drive tons of free traffic to your blog.




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