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Exercise and Health – Not always easy For a Traveler

The reason for this article was to investigate the relationship between exercise and health and to think about suggestions for exercise advancement. The 2,053 that responded to a survey in San Diego regarding exercise and health (reaction rate, 43.4%) overrepresented Caucasian, rich, and accomplished demographics. A model of 24 factors represented 0.27 of the change in exercise and results unequivocally bolstered the hypothesis that exercise leads to improved health. The most common responses were self-viability (i.e., the capacity to practice exercise in particular circumstances), many saw hindrances to working out, an improvement in dietary habits, support from companions, and age-related health benefits. Smoking inhibits exercise. We urge exercise and health specialists to test the speculations produced in this investigation.


What Does it All Mean?

Basically, as travellers and digital nomads, we want to stay in shape and experience good health. We don’t need a convoluted study to tell us that exercise is a key ingredient to this. However, the problem is that due to our lifestyle, we find this very difficult. That is why I have been doing an abundance of research into the subject.

Woman Struggle More than Men With Exercise and Health

The results seem to indicate that for a woman it is more difficult to lose weight and tone than it is more a guy. They why’s of that are up for debate and is the subject of a whole other discussion. Celeste has long been telling me this, and after investigating this, I have arrived at the same conclusion. So, ladies, you need a secret weapon. Enter Body Boss.

Body Boss

Follow this fitness routine! You need only 24 minutes of exercise and health a day. And, by per day, that’s not every day of the week, but just three days a week. These claims are not the first made by a fitness program. So real life tests were in order.

12 Weeks Later…

When Body Boss says that you will have a “new you” once completing their program, they’re not lying. Celeste found that is exactly how she felt, both physically and mentally. It’s not a program that revolutionises your body but in fact your lifestyle. Of course you need to change your diet.

Body Boss helps with that as well.

The great part about it is that each person has specific needs. This is recognised in that there are three different guides, dependent on your unique situation.

Firstly there is the Nutrition and Fitness Bundle. Ultimately this is the best value for maximising results. This is the bundle that resulted in transforming Celeste’s body, and if I’m being honest, I gave it a try to. It is a program specifically designed for women, but I personally felt the benefits of applying the principles provided, and at no extra cost. The reason is that simultaneously you are following a 12-week fitness and nutrition guide. All of the Body Boss packages have some sort of bonus content and with the Nutrition and Fitness Bundle, you get two bonus guides. The first is a 4-week pre-training guide. Invaluable! The second is a free smoothie recipe book. Not bad. All delicious recipes but most travellers have a few smoothie recipes up their sleeve. But hey, its free so why not.

Another option is to just purchase the Fitness Guide as a standalone product. The fitness guide is a 12-week step-by-step exercise program. The promise is made that you can see results by utilising a 24 minute per session, 3 days a week workout plan. I won’t lie, it is very intense. But it would have to be. Rapidly burning fat cannot be accomplished through medium intensity.

HIIT training is the silver bullet for belly fat.

The best part, and why we as travellers swear by this exercise routine, is that not gym or equipment is needed. Purchasing the Fitness Guide will also score you the 4-week pre-training guide.

Finally, if you feel that your workout routine is giving you results, you can just opt for the Nutrition Guide. Again, covering 12 weeks, you’ll get a step-by-step meal plan. Over 150 delicious recipes are yours. It is serious overkill in my opinion as we pretty much stick to our 4 or 5 favourites, by hey, you’ll never be bored with your meals ever again. Superfoods are a buzzword currently. What are they? How do I incorporate them into my diet? This guide will answer those questions. Basically, you’ll be learning healthy eating habits that will stick with you long after the 12 weeks are past. And again, you’ll be getting a bonus, this time in the form of a free smoothie recipe book.

Reasons to Go with Body Boss

Body Boss offers a 100% money back guarantee. I suppose it’s easy for them to make such a statement, as you are pretty much assured of having satisfactory results by sticking to the program. As a globetrotter, you might be reading this in Asia, Africa or who knows where. But worldwide shipping of the Body Boss products is promised. As you can buy digital versions of the books, as we did, which are much cheaper, worldwide shipping is an easy promise to keep.

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So that is our rundown of Body Boss and how exercise and Body Boss can contribute to your health. Leave a comment or question below.

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