Bangkok Soi dog taught me four lessons
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Four Teaching English online Lessons I’ve Learned During our Stay in Bangkok

How dogs taught me something about teaching English online.

Four teaching English online lessons I recently learned.

Soi (Thai for “street”)  dogs are all over the many neighborhoods of Bangkok. Mostly they lie panting at the entrance of a 7-11 convenience store waiting for the sliding door to open, letting out an air-conditioned gust.

Sometimes online teachers are like those Soi dogs. We lie in anticipation of a gust of income, from a source that we have discovered on the internet. Furthermore, these four lessons put a stop to that.

We are not dogs. We are not nearly as pettable. Well some of us. But we also can predict and show initiative.

After being rejected many times by various platforms, mostly due to nationality, I decided to utilize my human nature when teaching English online.

Lesson One- Get a basic income

For me, this is the money I get from Palfish. As previously written, to be an official kids teacher on Palfish means making a comfortable wage. While that option does not exist for me, I have built up a clientele of learners that provide me with some basic income.

Lesson Two – Have a Backup Plan that Pays Infrequently More

Since I cannot rely on the income from Palfish, I have gotten a second job teaching with Hi Tutor. This Taiwanese based company pays more per hour, but the bookings are less frequent. It pushes my earnings into the acceptable levels.

Lesson Three – Use Skype to Teach

I have pinpointed a niche gap in the teaching market. Many people require help with editing and proofreading of documents. The teaching platforms don’t provide an adequate means to assist these unique clients. So, using Skype, I help with the editing of papers and documents.

Lesson Four- Coaching Teachers

So many individuals, eager to start out, have approached me with their concerns and questions. I would accumulate hours of messaging them, helping them find their feet. In time I realized that I had created a how-to-guide for online English teachers.

I gained these four vital lessons.

What lesson have you learned in your journey as an online educator?

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