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How to Get Visitors on Your Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Getting visitors to your blog can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  You’re so busy writing the perfect blog post, creating a stunning pin and managing your blog in general that you forget about getting visitors to your blog.  We’ve put together an easy tutorial, How to Get Visitors on Your Blog in 10 Easy Steps.  Why not include this in your weekly blogging workflow, this way you know that you are not neglecting this crucial step while building your blog.

If you are struggling with workflow why not read our blog post – Creating Blogging Workflow That Works. 

How to Get Visitors on Your Blog

Disclaimer: Our blog articles do contain affiliate links.  We write about what we love and what works for us.  If you decide to buy something through our links then we earn a small commission.  This helps us pay for our caffeine addiction at no extra cost to you,  it’s a win-win really. 

#Step 1 – How to Get Visitors on Your Blog by Commenting

Go and find a few blogs within your niche and browse through their blog posts.  Leave thoughtful comments on their blog posts that add value. Don’t be generic.  Some blog posts allow you to leave your website which is great.  If there is no option to do this then casually include your business information without sounding like you are marketing yourself.  Don’t push your own brand,  rather try and be helpful or ask a question.

#Step 2 – Create Blog Posts With Great SEO

Great SEO is the quickest way for Google to rank your posts.  Install the All In One SEO plugin in WordPress (Its Free)  and make sure you get those two green ticks.

To get your green ticks you want to look at the following.

  • Link to one of your existing articles in your blog (inbound link).
  • Link out to an outside website in your post (outbound link).
  • Use a really good Keyword (preferably one that has low competition and high search volume) Not sure how to find a good keyword? read our article – How to Search for Keywords for SEO to Rank Organically
  • Ensure your keyword appears in your headline, first paragraph, in one of your subheadings and a few times in your body.
  • Include a  Meta description no more than 160 characters.
  • Add an image with the keyword appearing in your alt text.
  • Your blog article should be a minimum of 300 words but aim for at least 1000 words.

#Step 3 – Pinterest Your Way to The Top

Pinterest is a visual search engine and people love it.  The best part about Pinterest is that it’s absolutely free to use. Creating great looking pins can drive a lot of visitors to your blog for free.  If you don’t have a Business Pinterest account and not sure how to set your account up correctly please read our article, How to Set Up a Pinterest Account.

If you are not a designer then head over to where you can choose from hundreds of free templates to create pins for your blog posts.

Pinterest Guidelines

  • Pin dimensions 735 px x 1102 px
  • Words should be easily visible and easy to read.
  • Simple design always wins over busy designs.
  • follow the 80/20 rule ( pin 80% other peoples content and 20% your own)
  • Request to collaborate on other boards within your niche.
  • Create your own boards with and only make it public when you have 40+ pins.
  • Pin regularly throughout the day, about 25-30 pins a day.  You will probably need an automation tool for this.  I use Tailwind.

For More Information on Pinterest Read, our blog post Does Pinterest Drive Traffic?

# Step 4 – Kick it Up a Notch With Tailwind

If you have a budget to run your blog then I recommend looking at what tailwind can do for you.  Basically, it’s a tool to schedule your posts and work with tribes within your niche.  You can schedule hundreds of pins throughout the day freeing you up to do other blogging tasks.  Their tribe concept is great, you share other peoples pins in your tribe on your boards and in turn, they will share your pins.  This allows your pins to be posted on other boards you don’t have access to and reach a different audience within your niche.  This has helped us get blog visitors we wouldn’t normally have gotten.

Read our post How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic

#Step 5 – Facebook is a Winner!

I’m sure that you have a facebook account by now, who doesn’t right?  Your next step is to create a Facebook page for your blog if you haven’t already.  Ensure your profile is filled out correctly with your story, Learn More Button and a nice profile photo.  Next, invite as many of your friends as you can.  Step it up a notch by creating a Facebook-like campaign through FB adverts. What I did was budget $20 a month and just run the Facebook-like campaign for a few months. Pretty soon you’ll have at least a few thousand followers.  In the meantime share engaging content on your Facebook page and post daily.  Every time you publish a new blog post let don’t forget to let your audience know about it.  Get creative by running competitions or giveaways on your page to encourage people to visit your blog.

#Step 6 – Tweet Like You Mean It

Another great method to gain visitors to your blog is by building a kick-ass twitter account and telling your audience about your blog.  Tweet and link back to your blog often, it’s the only way.  Okay, here is a little word of advice, you can’t be the master of every social media platform especially if you are a one-man show running your blog.  There simply isn’t enough time in the day.  so I suggest that you pick one platform, Kill It, and then move on to the next.  I am busy building my Pinterest empire so follow me and watch this space! Keith has recently taken to Twitter and he is building up a healthy audience day by day.  You can follow him <<HERE>>

#Step 7 – Write Shorter Posts

I know that I said write 1000 word articles earlier on in this post for SEO purposes but you can also publish shorter posts.  List type posts do extremely well and people love reading them.  These types of posts can be fun to write.  Don’t forget to create pins for these posts and share them on your Pinterest boards.  If you have a well-designed pin and a catchy headline you will definitely attract a lot more visitors to your blog.  Here is a little tip, always use an uneven number in your headline when doing a list post.  I.e The headline in this post is How to Get Visitors on Your Blog in 10 Easy Steps.  

#Step 8 – Post Consistently

Google loves consistency and so do your readers.  So for SEO purposes, you want to post at the same time and the same day every week.  This causes a ripple effect, you current readers know that a new post is coming out every week and they will come back to look what’s new.  If you WOW! them with your fantastic content they are going to want to share it with their friends.

#Step 9 – Quality over Quantity

Make sure your blog posts are well written and well researched.  You want to be viewed as an expert on the subject. You want your information to be so good that the reader will want to share this resource with their contacts.  This goes hand in hand with authenticity, you want your writing voice to shine through.  You want to brand yourself an expert.

#Step 10 – Our Little Secret

Let your readers do the hard work for you by sharing your blog posts.  It’s not that difficult!  Head over to Entice and sign up, it’s free.  Not only are you making your readers share your blog posts but you are also collecting email addresses and building your email list in the meantime.  It’s forever free, you can set it up in minutes and you don’t need a developer.  Sounds great, Right!

How It Works

  • You create a give away (lead magnet) that you reader want. It has to be something valuable like an ebook or a free report.
  • Your blog visitor lands on your blog and sees your give away (lead magnet) and wants it.
  • Before you give them access to your lead magnet they must first share your blog page or post on their facebook or twitter account.
  • After they have shared your content you give them access to the free give away you promised.

So in the process, you’ve collected an email address and you’ve made them share your content, Fantastic!!

You will need to copy and paste some code into your Header of your WordPress Theme, I suggest you download the Insert Headers and Footers Plugin to avoid messing around with your Theme code, it’s super easy.

Another thing you will need is Email Marketing Software to collect your emails.  I suggest using ConvertKit, they are reliable and their software is geared towards Bloggers.  They offer a 14-day FREE TRIAL.


There you have it, How to Get Visitors on Your Blog in 9 Easy Step! If you have any questions or want us to have a look at your social network accounts for some critique, comment below and we will personally get back to you.

Happy Blogging! 


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.


  • Chris

    I’ve been trying for some time now to get more people to my blog content…but I never really thought about using Pinterest before to do it – is it really that busy a platform?

    I’m also surprised by this 80/20 rule that you mention, where you pin 80% of others images and only 20% of your own – do you also include competitors in this 80%, or do you avoid giving them a step up?

    • Celeste

      Hi Chris, 

      Pinterest runs on a ‘Sharing is Caring’ attitude.  It’s in your best interest to share other people pins too if you want their algorithm to work in your favour.  To answer your question, Yes, I do share my competitors pins and I know that they share mine to.  My followers know that they can come to my boards and find a collection of interesting and useful pins covering my niche.   My secrete it trying to create a visually appealing pin with a killer headline that will get more clicks than my competitors. 

  • Alysanna

    I was told that if you want to make money blogging, it’s critical that you get people to visit your blogs. After all, what’s the use of writing relevant and helpful contents if no one is reading it. As you said, this is one task that seems difficult to achieve. Among these 10 steps, I am doing step 5: Facebook. And although it is helping, I think it’s not enough. Just the other day, I signed up with Pinterest but I’m not sure I’m if doing it right. Anyway, I will be checking out your post on how Pinterest can drive traffic.Thank you for this article, very helpful. 

    • Celeste

      Hi Alysanna, 

      It’s great that you signed up to Pinterest.  Give yourself some time to familiarise yourself with the Platform and have fun with it.  Pinterest is our best performing social medial platform in terms of sending traffic to our site.  If you master just one social media platform (without paying for adverts) I would suggest using Pinterest to drive free traffic to your blog. All the best! 

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