Incredible Companies With Great Outdoor Work Spaces

Have you ever just wanted to get up from your desk and work outside? Well, these three incredible companies have allowed their employees to do just that. – By Keith Engel

Being indoors while it’s a beautiful summers day outside is not ideal. The idea of getting some rays on your skin is downright distracting. Why can’t you work outside? It’s not like anyone works on desktops anymore. These three companies like the way you think. Hence, they have designed Wi-Fi enabled outdoor workspaces.

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Incredible ETSY – Brooklyn, New York

The modern rooftop garden seems contradictory to ETSY’s mainstay of vintage and handmade goods. The bar allows for views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Google – Mountain View, California

It’s impossible to describe the Googleplex outdoor areas. Stan the T-Rex and the outdoor chess set are framed by manicured lawns and art installations. It might seem overwhelming and distracting at first, but it’s obvious that Google employees still manage to get a lot of work done.

While Amazon in Seattle, Washington, Builds Bio-Spheres

Amazon is on. mission to connect its workers with nature. Within their massive bio-spherical domes, soon to open in January, they will have treehouse meeting rooms and waterfalls. Apparently, this is as a result of a National Geographic article that pointed out the dangers of “nature-deficit disorder”. Since so many office workers are losing regular contact with nature, Amazon is attempting to address this problem.

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