Leadership - Obsess over this One Thing
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Leadership – Obsess Over This One Thing

The root cause of leadership transgressions is in showing a lack of dignity.

Of course, poor leadership is a reason why many leave their jobs to pursue making money online.

Some companies do not give workers enough time for a bathroom break. This also does not dignify the worker. A CEO criticizes a manager in full view of fellow employees. Dignity under attack. Only men in a meeting. In contrast, the women are undignified by this.

Discrimination and disrespect abound in workplace scenarios. Rather, leaders must create such a culture that dignifies all. This sounds like a tall order. However, the guidelines are simple. Diversity, empowerment and equality. So, remove toxic workplace environments. All of this revolves around a single concept and that is – dignifying others. But successful leaders find a way. Due to this they bring out the best in people. They resolve conflicts. They listen to everyone.

The first step is to recognize that everyone has value and worth. Abolish threats to dignity.

A big mistake from leadership is to show impatience when an employee complains.

They make it worse. They publicize employees mistakes. Or by mocking their ideas.  Also by ignoring their hard work. Tests have been conducted. They reveal that the human brain reacts to indignity in the same way as to physical harm. A person experiencing embarrassment or shame can be affected physically by it.

So how do you solve such potential problems? By staying on top of what is being said by your workforce. It can be a challenge. Especially in a large corporation. Perhaps create an app. You could track employee input. And also their level of contentment.


Do you have any suggestions for successful leadership?


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