12 Ways to Manage Your On-line Presence
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11 Ways to Manage Your On-line Presence

Being able to manage your online presence is a vital aspect of being a digital professional. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there is offering this service, but in many cases, they do not possess the skill or care for your brand that is sufficient for success. Don’t pay excessive amounts to so-called professionals. In some cases, however, hiring a social media expert is a wise course to take as they have all day to promote their client’s brands and they stay ahead of the curve with whats trending. The tips we provide in this article will assist with your management in the short as well as long-term. You will have an overall view of how to advertise and promote your brand on the web in general.

12 Ways to Manage Your On-line Presence

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1. Check your OnLine Presence Potential

How do you know if there are gaps in your online presence? The only genuine and effect way is to work backwards. Well what does that mean? The reality of it is that we all have potential, personally or professionally when it comes to our reach online. So first you need to gather what that is and discern why it isn’t being reached. Make it a priority to ascertain the on-line reach of businesses similar to yours. You need to be a data miner and gather as much information on how much potential you have for an effective online presence. And with this information you can build a marketing campaign.

2. Have a Collaborator

Of course, you can try and achieve all of this alone. But that would take time and require a steep learning curve. Rather have a partner who is interested in the mutual success of your brand. Various successful brands will interweave their online presence with a similar company to double up their social media reach.

3. Proof Reading

It is a temptation to write a blog article, Facebook post or a Tweet and deliver it to your fan-base as quickly as possible. However, the harmful effects of even a badly written Tweet can diminish the strength of your brand and therefore your entire online presence. Mastering good writing, editing, and proofreading skills can make the world of difference to your image.

Not all of your writing has to be an essay either. Just a couple of lines to clearly explain your views will suffice. There, of course, many resources that can be found on the web that can help you with the editing process of longer articles. If proofreading is sucking up your time, consider outsourcing this to a professional. It is worth it since you can concentrate on your core business. Proofreading will no longer seem tedious.

4. Search Yourself, Your Brand or Your Cause

Once you have searched for your name or brand on Google, take note of anything you do not want to be publicized to the world. Then remove it. Perhaps it wasn’t even you who published the material. In that case, reach out to whoever did upload the article or material and ask them to take it down. This is especially true if you have old YouTube videos that are dated or do not represent your best work. Delete them. With extreme prejudice. The same applies to Twitter posts. Anything that is within your power to remove and does not put you in the best light, remove it.

5. Own Your Domain Name

Whatever your name is e.g. John Smith, buy johnsmith.com (this one I am sure is taken). You want to own your name. Then after building the site yourself, or outsourcing it to a pro, update your site with blog articles that describe who you are, what you do and point the reader to your company or cause.

6. Join Social Networks

Being on social networks is a basic necessity to grow your brand on the INTERNET. Choose up to three of the top four i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then feel free to sign up for other networks that you enjoy. Filling out the profile information properly is very important as is consistently posting content. This is especially true of Facebook. Being an active contributor will boost your following. Just ensure that your content pertains to what your brand is about.

7. Link it All Together

It is pointless having all your social media accounts and not link them together. This is particularly true if you have a YouTube channel. You definitely want your other accounts to mention links to your channel.

8. Clearly Brand Your Existing Accounts

Your basic information must consistently run through all of your social media accounts. Front and centre should be your contact details & job title.

9. Showcase your Premium Products

So, just like direct physical marketing, you want your best work front and centre attracting clients. It is the exact same online. Have your premium products clearly indicated and easily ordered. Always make the product information simple and straightforward and have your logo clearly visible.

10. Watch From all Angles

When it comes to managing your online presence, don’t be trapped into using only Google as your source of the latest information to guide you. There are many other places you can check out:

YouTube (have you heard of it?)

Google’s Video Search

Yahoo’s Video Search


AOL Videos

11. Create an Awesome Website

Well, it’s easy to say, “Hey just create an awesome website,” but how do I go about that? Well, usually you’ll want to hire a professional. But since you know what kind of feel you will be trying to build, work along with the designer and developer to achieve this.

Here is what we suggest. Since websites are on the 2D surface of a computer or mobile device, stand out by creating depth perception. Of all the ways to grab attention through design, this works the best. The depth of field can be created by changing the focal point or perspective of the viewer. Here are some sites that attract through depth perception and other methods.


Boost your Online Presence with a Mobile App

It goes without saying that the INTERNET is mobile. Apps are getting more traffic and attention than websites are. Consider either having an app built for your brand (super expensive) or maybe try the DIY route.


Following the above twelve steps will guarantee a successful and valuable web presence.

No doubt you have some advice of your own to share. Feel free to do so in the comments.



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