Marcus Lemonis is all about "The Profit"
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Marcus Lemonis is all about “The Profit”

Recent allegations that Marcus Lemonis use his CNBC hit show to prey on struggling companies has not slowed him down.

He has recently opened a luxury women’s clothing store in New York’s meatpacking district. Its name is simply Marcus. With sweatshirts selling at $200 Lemonis must be quite a salesman. He certainly is.

Not only are his salesman skills practised and flawless, but so too is his celebrity status. He attracts fans from many walks of life, mostly woman, and seems very at ease with the attention he attracts. Maybe he is not conventionally funny, but his brand of honest humour as portrayed on “The Profit” appeals to most. Some might say a face for radio, but maybe they’re just jealous.

As a multimillionaire businessman, he is the star of CNBC’s most popular ever reality show.

Furthermore, What Does Marcus Lemonis do on “The Profit?”

He travels America, attempting to save struggling enterprises with his brand of straightforward advice, and capital. With four successful seasons behind him, his fifth season is sure to maintain its top ratings. Applications stream in from struggling small businesses. Of the 40 to 50,000 that apply, only a dozen or so are chosen.

Marcus Lemonis LLC is an umbrella organization that includes an increasing number of companies that are wholly or partly owned by Lemonis. His empire is expanding. As CEO of Camping World, Lemonis is keep busy running this retailer and service provider of recreational vehicles. The largest of its kind in America. Marcus Lemonis LLC is reportedly worth $75 million. His business interests range from food to graphic design and even watches.

What separates Marcus Lemonis from other business greats, is that his particular skills lie in being a negotiator. He is not an investor akin to Buffet or Trump and neither is he an innovator like Jobs, Gates or Zuckerberg. Rather, he is a business bloodhound. Seems like he sniffs out concepts and opportunities and then finds ways to add them to his ever-growing portfolio.

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