Mobile App for Your Business – 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Everyone has one. That could mean just about anything, but in this case, I am referring to smartphones. These devices once made phone calls. Also, they sent texts. But that isn’t their chief function anymore. Running a mobile app for entertainment or for business purposes is the core use of mobile devices.

It used to be common for a business to spend their advertising budget on print media. However, by and large, all corporations have invested in marketing in the mobile sphere. It about time that you concentrate on your own digital sales plan.

Your likely response to that is:

We do business via word-of-mouth. Our client base is not dependent on our having a mobile app!

A Mobile App is Vital for Business

It’s possible that was true a few years ago. However, it isn’t about where your business is currently. Due to the fact that technology moves to fast, having a mobile app is a vital investment in your business’s future.

It takes time to understand this logic, I am aware of that. Here are 5 ways that a mobile app will be good for business.

Strengthen Your Brand

A mobile app creates an awareness of your brand in a way that no other marketing tool does. It also provides clear communication and allows interaction with your clients. They now view you as a trustworthy source. All thanks to a well-designed app.

Adds Value to Your Customers

Business is not a one-way street. A product or service is paid for. But clients are after more than just a basic trading system. They want value. A mobile app that gives clients a feeling of control of how your product is delivered for example gives them a sense of choice. Their wallets will open right up if you provide them with such a satisfactory experience.

More Profitable

As customers are satisfied, your sales will increase. It’s a basic model. A recent study by SalesForce revealed that 70% of buying is dependent on the way a customer perceives they are being treated. If your mobile app is designed to make your customer feel well treated, they will be happy to spend money with you.

Communicate Easily with Customers

The days of customers wanting to see you in person have all but disappeared. They have their noses permanently attached to the screen in their hands. Just like the rest of use. Send messages to their hand. Instead of talking to one client at a time, you can talk to thousands simultaneously

Consequently, You Can – Update the Market with the Latest Information

Price increases, half-off sales. Keep your customers up to date. They will reward you with their loyal support.


It is unquestionably vital to have a mobile app in this era of the mobile device. To that end, we recommend using the services of Swiftic. They give you the ability to design and create your app yourself. Who knows better than you what your business needs. Give Swiftic a try today!
Swiftic - create your own mobile app

For those who have already created their Swiftic App, this video will help you submit it onto Google Play

Of course, this is just one tool you need to run a successful business. We also recommend driving significant traffic to your app and website. This article will help you to do that. Click Here!


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