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Online Teaching Jobs – From Home

I am not from a native English speaking country. That puts a spanner in the works for getting an online teaching job from home.

I Have an Online Teaching Job from Home, But Not Really

Palfish, for example, does give me the opportunity to teach online. However, I am an official kids teacher. And that’s where the real money is. Starting from $15 an hour. So I, like many of my countrymen and other similarly marginalized teachers, must make do with the self-promoting arena.

Don’t Give Up the Self-Promotion

After 435 hours self-promoting, I can say that the hardworking is paying off and it is snowballing. However, I am still some ways off from being entirely reliant on this platform alone.

That is why I turned to Hi Tutor. This Taiwanese company focuses on teaching degrees rather than your location. I managed to get a Skype interview and mock lesson with one of the facilitators. After dozens of applications to other online schools, I got my foot in the door with this company. What I like about Hi Tutor is that they use a platform rather than a Skype connection for classes. At $11 an hour, however, they aren’t the highest payers. Added to that their platform is much more complicated than Palfish’s mobile, easy to use one.

Both companies have excellent tech services and fast payments. For Palfish I use Payoneer, and for Hi Tutor, I get paid into my PayPal account.

Because I am not getting enough payment from one source, I have created a second option. With these two platforms working side- by – side, I am managing to fill up my time slots. Therefore I now have an online teaching job that I can do from home, teaching mostly adults. Not that I don’t like teaching kids. I love it. But I am not as drained after having  Business English classes as I am trying to keep a child-focused while her mom looks in from the side.

Need any inside tips on how to make money from online teaching? Or maybe some ideas? Comment below.


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