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Political Tools to Keep Entrepreneurs Informed

So much is at stake. Especially during election time. Small businesses feel the effects most. For the reason that many political issues directly impact small businesses. These issues include; minimum-wage laws, consumer privacy and trade deals. Political tools need to be available to provide the necessary information, helping you predict likely outcomes. This affects business. Political interest is at an all-time high.  Finally, it is time for political tools that provide information and assistance in planning your business’s future.

Political Tools to Keep Entrepreneurs Informed

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 iCitizen – Finally! Many Sources, One Stream

Political tools: No. 1: Keep up to date with the first of our political tools.

iCitizen tracks almost all of the latest political news. How much news do you want to stream to your device? Almost all of it?  Done! So, it is up to you as to how much information you want to receive. Maybe it would be best to keep in mind that an overdose of information can be misleading. The more information one receives, the more prone to disinformation. Likewise, the question could be; how can you tell a political lie from the actual truth? Rather, we should ask; don’t we have an app for that?

Yes. Yes, we do:

PolitiFact – Politicians Tell the Truth, Similarly They Lie

Hence, we all want to know if political statements are truthful. Due to this, PolitiFact was created. The app probably makes politics more interesting. Even kind of fun. PolitiFact answers age-old questions. For instance, ever wanted to know if a politician is full of hot air? Similarly, have you ever wondered how untruthful a statement is? Likewise, as a result of wanting to answer these questions, PolitiFact ranks politicians statements as being between “True,” or, in contrast, “Pants on Fire.”  It’s sheer entertainment. But there is more to PolitiFact. The statement rating is just one of many features. Albeit the most popular. PolitiFact provides very helpful data.


Civic Hall provides a co-working space for startups. Almost solely focusing on civic startups. Finally giving a much needed helping hand into the political arena. So far 100 organisations have received assistance from Civic Hall. Probably one of the most interesting startups you will come across.

Politomix – A Steady Stream of News, Therefore One Platform is Needed

There is a steady flow of political news available. What if all these streams were consolidated?  Various views, not just one angle. The collation of news streams creates such a platform. That means you don’t need several news apps open. Just the one, Politomix.

BuyPartisan  – So You Won’t Buy Anything Else

A fascinating insight into business and politics. Scan a barcode with BuyPartisan. Wait for the app gives a readout. It details the political financial contributors within the company and to whom their donations go. Most noteworthy of course is seeing if this information changes peoples buying habits. That would be interesting data to read.

Final Thoughts

And there are our five tools for keeping informed on the political news front. Most of these tools are partnered with helpful apps. First of all, there is a reason for that.

Apps create an easy way to interact with news and clients. Consequently, apps are essential. Especially when travelling I need to stay informed. Due to my need to stay informed, apps are a vital part of my business strategy.

Due to the fluid nature of modern business, it is imperative to keep your clients informed. Be ahead of your competition. Create an app today!

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s for everyone.

In just three easy steps you can create your own app.

No matter what kind of business you own, your business is dependent on loyal customers.

1) Name – 2) Content – 3) Create

First of all, apps are a big solution for small businesses. Similarly, creating a way to keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s mind, through a unique app, is priceless.

Click the banner below. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create your own mobile app.

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