Saving Time as an Online Teacher

Time, as a resource, is often under cherished. We usually chase money making ideas, instead of ones that are saving time ones. And that is natural. We consider money to be the answer to problems.

However, if one is not wasteful with your time, then you have taken a huge step towards creating additional earning options. So, as the old saying goes, “your time” definitely “is money”.

As an online teacher, I have found that I have limited time in between students to do the necessary things that make my business work. For example, I need to market myself. I have to conduct classes. I have to give meaningful feedback. All of these steps take considerable time if I want to be effective. And I do.

So here are the methods I have employed to do all of the above, in a manner which enables saving time and allowing me to continue teaching.

  1. I take a day off from teaching and use it for, amongst other things, lesson planning.
  2. I list all my students into different categories that require different teaching styles. I.e. Business students, kids, etc.
  3. I take notes during the class as to how the student reacts to teaching methods, and I endeavor to learn from that.
  4. I use 5 minutes after each class to properly assess the student.

The above four steps help me in the following ways:

  1. Trying to plan lessons on the run during a busy day of teaching just doesn’t work for me. I need a clear head. Saving time allows for that. Taking a full day to do this enables me to edit the lesson plans without rushing the process and making errors.

  2. Having a student in a preconceived category saves so much time in trying to remember what it is you are meant to teach that student when their class roles around.

  3. Taking notes for my own reflection is a great way to improve as a teacher. It is imperative for me not to lose students. Otherwise, I need to spend more time marketing for students instead of teaching. And that costs me money.

  4. A proper assessment of each student allows the student to see how they are progressing, and thus they are less likely to leave me as their teacher.

What methods work for you in the goal to save time?

Do you have any questions?

Are you still on the fence about working from home? Maybe this article will give you a nudge in a direction I consider to be the right one.

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