Thai Massage at Kata Beach, Phuket
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Thai Massage at Kata Beach, Phuket

Thailand offers some of the best massages and at a very good price depending on where you go.  The Thai Massage at Kata Beach, Phuket is not to be missed.  If a traditional Thai Massage is not your cup of tea they have a wide range of treatments you can choose from.  Here are my favourite picks for places that offer Thai Massage at Kata Beach.

Thai Massage, Kata Beach

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Thai Massage at Kata Beach, Phuket, The Beach

Along the beachfront at Kata Beach, you will find a few shacks offering massages.  In my opinion, they are very well set up.  Situated on the beach so when you are getting your message you are literally looking at the ocean and listening to waves.  It doesn’t get better than that.  They have straw mats and thin mattresses you lie on.  Before you are allowed into the massage area they wash your feet and ensure you are sand free.   It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour while everyone else is out for a surf.

The Main Street

If you walk from the beach up to the main street you will find a few places offering an array of massages.  My favourite was Darin, Massage Beauty Salon.  They offer massages, facials manicures and pedicures.  It’s an upmarket massage salon with three floors.  It’s newly renovated and the staff are very professional.  As you enter the reception area you are required to remove your shoes and leave them outside.  You will be presented with a menu and you pick what treatment you want.  You then have to pay before they take you through to wash your feet and get you ready for your message.  Don’t forget to tip your masseuse afterwards.  They really do work hard!

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Average Cost of Massage

Remember that prices do fluctuate depending on what season you come.  This is considered the low season so prices should be at least 10 – 15 % more expensive in December.  Since I’m living here I’ll update this post if it changes.  They often run specials, so keep your eye’s peeled.  In all honesty, massages are very cheap in Thailand compared to most places I’ve been to.  I make a point of going at least once a week.

  • Facials start at about 650 baht for an hour ($20)
  • Thai and Foot Massage – 300 baht for 1 hour. ($9)
  • Oil Massage – 400 baht for 1 hour ($12)
  • Manicure and Pedicure range from 300 baht to 450 baht

Keith and I are digital nomads which means that we can live and work anywhere in the world.  We have chosen Phuket to be our base for now.  We love the friendly Thai people with their rich culture.  Phuket offers so much from fantastic food to great beaches.  Thailand is a great option for digital nomads.  If you want to learn how to turn to blog into a full-time business read our Part 1 – How to Start a Blog and Make Money Doing It.

Kira Grace

Photo Credit:  @Celestems9 (All photos taken with an iPhone 7)


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