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Top 8 Exclusive Resorts in Thailand and How to Afford Staying at Them

The masses flock to Thailand for its paradisaic beaches. Thailand boasts clear waters and beautiful scenery. It’s true that movies such as “The Beach” and travel agency pamphlets describe Thai beaches as utopian gems, however, the overload of tourism has spoilt many such locations. Thailand is often promoted as a budget and backpacking option rather than for its exclusive resorts. Furthermore, due to its natural beauty, some of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts are to be found here, however. Here are my top 8 picks for exclusive resorts in Thailand.

After reading the list, perhaps you feel that I’ve missed out on adding your favourite exclusive resort or luxury hotel. Another way to add to this list is to leave your pick in the comments.

Exclusive Resorts

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For the reason that it is right alongside the Krabi Marine National Park, Rayavadee lies amongst splendid beauty. Behind this stunning resort are cliffs. Before it is a view of the crystalline waters of the Andaman Sea. Tropical foliage and coconut palms give you a sense of wonder and surrealism. You’ll be accommodated in stylish five-star rooms. The food is of the finest as is the attentive service. But that is to be expected at all exclusive resorts.


Not just setting the benchmark for island living in Thailand, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect resort in the whole of Asia. Six Senses as a brand show a focus on luxury detailing. Added to that you’ll get a real sense of a commitment to environmental sustainability. All-in-all a unique destination of luxurious treatment.


Above all, the west coast of Phuket plays host to a myriad of idyllic hotels and exclusive resorts. Amanpuri is harmonious and timeless. The pavilions and villas are designed in an ancient Siam style. The surrounding vegetation is lush as is the view over the Andaman.


Seems like these white sand beaches with the sheer cliff backdrops are a dime a dozen in Thailand. They are. But, each time you behold one, jaws will hang open. Eyes will bulge. The private beaches add to the exclusivity as does the spectacular pristine nature surrounding the resort.


The flight from Bangkok to Koh Kood takes an hour and a half. Probably because it is the remoteness of Thailands islands it is sparsely populated.  Just the way I like it. Overlooking the Gulf of Siam Soneva Kiri is a phenomenon.


Another luxury resort on the island of Phuket. Lying at the tip of Cape Yamu with a view of the Andaman and Phang Nga Bay. First of all, the Italian and Thai fusion come together, not just in the interior design, but also on the menu. The wellness retreat provides relaxation and rejuvenation.


Driving around the Banyan Tree estate in our rented car, an absolute sense of adventure sets in. The saltwater lagoon plays host to lush vegetation and the largest monitor lizards I have ever seen. With quiet beaches nearby and local restaurants nearby this is a very family friendly resort.


In contrast with the other resorts on this list, the accommodation at the Four Seasons Tented Camped is a slight bit rustic. But only a smidgen. Due to the exquisite beauty that surrounds the tented camp, it is impossible to describe this place as anything other than a paradisaic. A paradise amidst a bamboo jungle nearby the heart of Thailands ancient civilization.

How can I Afford To stay at Exclusive Resorts?

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Can you add some exclusive resorts in Thailand to our list?

How are you living the location independent lifestyle?

Share with us in the comments.


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