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Total Body Workouts For Digital Nomads Using Only a Bar

The problem with being a digital nomad and trying to stay in shape is that you don’t get a whole lot of consistency when it comes to gyms and equipment. That is why I like to travel with my trusty chin up bar. I can set it up in any Airbnb apartment or hotel room. To shed body fat and for total body workouts, I employ a combination of these 10 great exercises. I will leave a banner link at the bottom of the page for a more robust version of the chin up bar for those of you who have a more permanent address. Check out these killer total body workouts!

Back and Bicep for Mass Gain

As a generally skinny guy, I always wanted to build up a bit of mass. But being on the road and flying around the world means that my workout routine is not consistent. Until I realized that just by focusing on my back and biceps I can build mass. Troy Adashun gives a brilliant breakdown of how you can do just that.

Variation is Key

When you think of pull up or chin up how many variations can you imagine doing for total body workouts? Two maybe? Palms facing you. Palms facing away. In this insane video, we are shown 25 different variations. Your body will be worked like never before.

Muscle Up

It’s all about form. Well, you need some strength of course, but your form is most important as you’ll see in this video.

One Set – 2o Pull-ups

Pull-ups are not an easy exercise to do. Often we would rather skip this routine and head for the weight rack. Strength and bodyweight control is essential. This 20 pullup set video will give you the confidence to revisit the bar for total body workouts.

Pullups – The Key to Calisthnetics

I am a huge fan of calisthnetics workouts. But they are a challenging discipline to get into. Here is how pullups can get you into the habit of calisthnetics.

Pullups Vs Chinups – How, Why and When?

Both the pullup and chinup are great upperbody workouts. But is one better than the other? When would the one be used rather than the other. It all comes down to your training goals. As this video explains.

You  Have To Don’t Leave Home For These Total Body Workouts

For many of us, working from home and travelling often means that we cannot have a gym membership. Check this video out which shows workout ideas that you can do at home or in the guest house.

Reasons Why Pullups are So Difficult

Austin Dunham breaks it down for us in this video. Apply the simple techniques as suggested and your body will show results.

Use Resistance Bands To Muscle Up

Resistance bands are not just used to assist us when we are beginners. A proper technique is essential when trying to muscle up. Mike Boyd shows us how its done.

Relearning The Skills after a Lay Off

Sometimes we might take time off from workouts using the bar perhaps due to injury or a change in routine. When we return we might find it daunting to relearn the skills needed. Mike Boyd makes another video to show us how its done.


My Personal Fitness Routines

As a location independent entrprenuer and traveller, staying fit is super important to me. It adds to the quality of life and just makes everything so much easier. I have found this to be especially helpful when living in hot climates. Coping with the heat of Bangkok is much easier when you aren’t carrying any extra bodyweight.

Since we do not have a permanent adress we are selective in choosing our accomodation. Thankfully Phuket and Bangkok, as well as Malaysian cities, have many modern condo buildings that include a gym and swimming pool. So that takes care of us having a place to do our daily workouts.

We have also invested in some additional equipment such as an indoor pullup bar that can just hook into a door. Having resistance bands is also important to travel with.

When it comes to full body workouts, an intense fat loss is always on the cards. You want a combination of frequency and recovery. So make sure you’re taking in some protein that feeds your muscles and gives you the ability to workout daily if possible.

If you are specifically looking at losing fat then reducing your calorie intake is a must. That means your muscles are not going to have the reserves to recover. So make sure that you are keeping form over rep volume. An injury is the last thing you want.

To be able to do these workouts wherever you are living, this chin up bar is a must-have item. Click below!

Indoor chin up bar

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What kind of workouts do you do while travelling?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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