Upskill And Work Anywhere in The World
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Upskill And Work Anywhere in The World

Are you serious about changing your life and being location independent?  If you answer yes then it’s time to upskill and work anywhere in the world.  Upskill and you can fast track your plan.  What kind of skills are you are going to need?  People have different reasons for wanting to be location independent.  This calls for self-examination.  Do you want to travel more or you would like to live in another city or country for part of the year?  Whatever the reason, it is possible to create a lifestyle where you are not dependent on your location.  All you really need is a laptop, internet connection and a skill that can allow you to live the way you want with the freedom you really desire.  So let’s start talking about upskilling yourself!

Let’s Evaluate How You Can Upskill And Work Anywhere in The World

It’s time for the old pad and pen.  Start with your current qualifications and job description.  Can you translate these skills into working online?  If not, maybe think about starting an online consulting business in your current field you are working in.  You are in the best position to do this since you are already working in this field of expertise and you have contacts.  If this is not a possibility then maybe it’s time to learn a new skill.

Upskill and Work Anywhere in The World: A List of Skills

It’s important to learn a skill you are actually going to enjoy.  If you decide to become an online accountant but you hate accountancy it’s not really going to be a fun experience for you.  Go back to your list and note down all the things you are interested in.  Why not go to Udemy and browse around to find some inspiration.  Here is a list of things we found promising.


Start a Blog!  It is possible to make a living from a blog if you run it like a business. Approach it right and you could be making up to $1000 a month within your first 3-6 months.  The benefit of having a blog is that you can set your working hours and be able to really enjoy the location you’ve chosen to live in.   Read our guide to staring a blog Here. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a fantastic way of earning money online.  There are numerous online courses you can take to upskill yourself.  You can easily charge from $75 – $150 an hour depending on how good you are.  Visit sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr to get started. Take it seriously and put together some paid campaigns on Facebook or simply use word of mouth to get your first few clients.

Web Design

Web Design is another skill you can learn to earn good money to create an independent location lifestyle.  There are many online companies hiring.  You have a choice of either working full-time, free-lance or project based at a location of your choice.  What can you expect to make in a year?  Freelancers charge on average of $59 an hour.  It’s not unheard of to charge $100 for experienced web designers.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is of course not for the faint-hearted.  You need to really know what you are doing.  With the right skill and training, this could be a lucrative income.  There are many courses on Udemy to get you started.


If you are fluent in two languages you should maybe consider becoming a translator.  Translators can charge between $30 – $50 an hour.  Not bad for a skill you probably didn’t even know you had.

Teach English Online

Teaching English Online is a fantastic way of earning money without having to actually travel to the country your students are living in.  You can set your schedule instead of working school hours and you are not bound by school holidays.  If you have a passion for teaching English and you approach the online sphere of teaching correctly you can carve out a nice niche business for yourself.  Why not start off with Palfish.  It’s an app that allows you to tutor mainly Chinese students for about $10 an hour.  You don’t need a laptop only a smartphone, internet connection, and a Paypal account.

Why not sign up here, it’s free.  It’s possible to earn more money when you start offering live classes.  More than one student can buy your course.  Let’s assume you set up a 10-hour English course for $180 and five students buy your course.  That means you will earn $910 over 10-hours of teaching which means you are earning about $91 an hour.  Not bad considering you don’t need a degree to join Palfish.  The added benefit is that you can sell your recorded class to students who have missed your live class meaning that you can continue earning even when you are not actually teaching.  Just take into account that Palfish does take a 20% fee from your hard earned cash but without them, you wouldn’t have made anything in the first place.

Do you need a TEFL certificate? As a reader of our blog, you can get 30% off.

Great Value


Look at what you already have.  Why not look at making your current home available on Airbnb for holiday rental while you are living somewhere else.  This way you turn your home into a business while you are not using it yourself.  You can sign up here – It’s FREE!

Your Current Lifestyle

Let’s face it, you don’t necessarily want to take a paycheck cut.  Most people would want to maintain their current lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with that.  Decide if you are willing to start off living with less money and build from there or if it’s important for you to maintain your current lifestyle.  If you are going to upskill and work anywhere in the world this will help in deciding what type of skill you’d like to get to earn a living online and how long your transition period will be.


Help yourself be successful from the get-go by getting rid of all your current debt and setting up a new budget for your new lifestyle.  Remember if you plan on living in another city or country for part of the year you should include flights, car rental, accommodation and any other additional costs.

What Now?

Now it’s time decide what you would like to do.  Have a deadline because if you don’t it will always just be a dream.  Turn your dreams into reality.  Have fun!  Do you have other suggestions we have not covered in this article?

Shaw Academy has a range of courses on offer.  They offer a free 4-week course to get you started.  Shaw Academy courses are now officially accredited and internationally recognized to the highest educational standards.


Celeste is a co-founder of Feral Africa along with her husband, Keith. Their love for travel has led them to create a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others create a similar lifestyle. She also loves travel photography and surfing. She believes that the best thing about being a Digital Nomad is that you can live anywhere in the world.


  • Matt's Mom

    Wow, you really do have some great ideas and I am actually glad I found this post! Three stick out for me, mabye four. I know I can do Airbnb. I have an international student using my spare room currently, but he leaves this weekend, freeing me a room to use. I live on Clearwater Beach, so it’s a no brainer that I won’t have any problem renting the room out. I can also do graphic design and teach English. These are all perfect for me. Thank you so much for sharing this great information!

    • Celeste Engelbrecht

      I’m sure you will be very successful on Airbnb especially if you are living  in a good tourist location. Thanks for reading. 

  • Anuoluwapo

    Thanks for this article. Quite informative and well thought out.

    Though I have several times decided to work remotely or become location dependent, I have not actually thought of what i can do to do that. But reading these article has opened my eyes to the ideas I can equally consider.

    But I will like to ask about if there is a sweet spot how I can determine what I love to do if its what is selling online?

    • Celeste Engelbrecht

      Hi Anuoluwapo

      You ask about a sweet spot.  To answer in short, that is all up to you.  You don’t just have to sell online.  It’s possible to work for someone else doing something you really like, i.e. graphic design.  This way you are not bound to selling, selling all the time.  You know how much money you will earn at the end of the month and you know how many hours is expected of you.  We are in the process of creating a blueprint for those wanting to design a location independent lifestyle.  The blueprint will cover how to decide what to do, where to find the best courses to up skill for a new life and how to monetize what you already have. So sign up to our newsletter and keep updated. 

  • Randene

    Hi Celeste. Great article. There are so many good ideas here. I am in the process of being location independent. The area in which I live is simply becoming too populated and too noisy. I long to find more simplicity. Your post speaks to me. So does the reality that you have been successful at doing this. Thank you for encouraging the rest of us!

    • Celeste

      Great to hear it Randene. It can be quite a challenge in the early days but rewards are around the corner. Thanks for the kind words.

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