How To Win From The Lottery
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How To Win From The Lottery That is Blogging

When you win the lottery and come up with a blogging idea everybody will mislead you and try to convince you that it just won’t work.

Everybody but me. This is what to do once you have locked onto that winning blog idea.

Keith Engelbrecht

A week ago, Heather B. Armstrong, a blogger, caught my eye.

Well, at least an article on her blog did.

To Clarify, she writes semi-manic. She records her latest misadventures. Her style is as a diary blogger. Heather makes a substantial income on her meandering thoughts and has her readers hooked. A simple idea can equal good money.

Blogging can be a lottery sometimes. An idea that seems like a gold mine to you could end up being a dud. Mediocre ideas are winners. Marvellous! But just having a good idea doesn’t mean you’ll get traffic

For Example, How To Win From The Lottery of Being a Professional Blogger

99% Of blogging champs fall into traffic bankruptcy and I’ll be showing you how to avoid that calamity.

So kindly tune in and do what I say.

#1: Shut The Hell Up And Listen

I adore you, yet please close your mouth at the present time. Try not to tell anybody about your brilliant blogging idea. Try not to tell your supervisor, your boisterous cousin with the moustache, or even your children. Once you let out what to you will sound like the next big thing, to them sounds like an invitation to give their pessimistic opinion on all the reasons why your blog will fail.

You can tell 1 individual: your mate. And by that, I don’t mean Nick down at the pub, I mean your husband or wife. Someone who is committed to you and your success. And after you have disclosed to them your plan: Shut The Hell Up And Listen!

Certainly, Their observations will be worth considering.

Keep this up for half of a year and if your blog is still going, you are onto something.

A mutual associate of ours, let’s call her Mavis, chose to reveal to her supervisor at work, and basically anyone else who would listen, that she was working on a big blog idea and that she was basically guaranteed to be a success. Mavis had to idea how to win from the lottery of being a professional blogger.

Think about what she is implying to these individuals. “I have been watching you work and I believe I can do better than you.” How is a manager supposed to respond to such a passive aggressive threat? By giving her a pay raise? More days off to work on her blog? People will not be as impressed by your entrepreneurial spirit as you are. It will be seen as you claiming that you can do something they cannot.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

And while you have a day job, remember, you need the income until your blog is a roaring success and you know that it will last. On that note, if you are a personal or diary blogger, leave your job out of it. The risks are too great. 

Here are the scariest individuals who will try to give you advice once they hear you are blogging:

  • Deceitful “friends” who will drain you of energy with their ideas and advice
  • Uncle Joe, who needs you to put ads on your site for his imbecilic themed bar
  • Associates who will try and convince you that blogging doesn’t pay

How to win from the lottery as a professional blogger: Try not to tell anyone else. Keep your blog to yourself. You can simply uncover your new source of riches later once you have the best possible safety measures set up, blocking out the negativity.

When the blog idea is let out into the world, you can never return it back into the safety of your private thoughts. Be calm and tell nobody for the time being.

 #2: You Have 2 New Closest Companions: Your Mentor And Your Budgetary Guide

I get it, you don’t think you have a mentor. But presently you do. You are reading advice from a pro blogger.

You are receiving a mentorship.

Do not discount this. If the right advice is applied correctly you can head off into an online career, freeing you from the nine-to-five. If you aren’t convinced that we are the greatest bloggers on the planet, simply google “best blogger on the planet“,  and the search will reveal to you someone’s advice that you can, with practical application, trust. Even better contact your blogging mentor directly and ask them well thought out questions in the comment section of their posts or on a social media platform. If they inquire as to why you are so interested in the how’s and why’s of blogging let them know that you are a new blogger eager for advice and direction.

Most bloggers are very generous with their advice. However, do not think that blogging is free. It is a business like any other. This is how to win from the lottery of blogging. Treat it as a business. All businesses require an initial outlay of capital, to begin with. And then there are monthly running costs. You can expect to budget between  $500 or $600/month.Pay it, cheerfully. It takes money to make money.

Plan out and stick to your budget. Your blogging mentor can help you with this.

This mentor is currently your channel with the outside world. Should you contact the mentor to educate them how to win from the lottery of blogging? No! (see #1). They won’t expect you to share with them your big ideas. And they already know more than you do.

If it works they can read the blog for themselves.

Always play your cards close to your chest. Your advisor will expect that. So who do you look up to? Feel free to leave a comment and mention a blogger that you believe would make a great mentor and advisor. Is it you? Gracious damnation no! Never really solely on your own advice. Such narrow thinking is a sure way to disaster.

 You should have a mysterious trust in your counsellor.

Unexplainable to others.


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